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To learn more about me, it might help if I explained Why I Speak.

Many people ask why I’ve spent my career on the road, traveling the world, speaking in front of audiences. Are the trade-offs really worth it? For me it all comes down to a few moments every time. Like this one, yesterday.

My topic yesterday focused on our deep inner beliefs about success, of sales as a noble profession, and our desire to reach our goals. We explored how we talk about ourselves, how we express our personal value proposition, and how we give value before we ask for value from others. At times we were reflective, other times we listened to each other. And of course along the way we laughed a lot!

At the end of the program many kind people came over and shook my hand and told me they appreciated it and enjoyed it. I got lots of hugs and smiling faces. And then there was that very special moment. It only happens once in a while, and that’s when I know I was meant to be there that day.

One of the attendees came over to me quietly and said simply: I almost didn’t attend today. I have been planning to leave the business after many many years. I really didn’t think I could do it any more. But after hearing you challenge me to look deep inside, tap into my inner strengths, and visualize the success I want to achieve, I feel motivated and excited again! I’m not going to quit. I’m going to make next year my best year ever!

We both had a tear in our eyes, but a smile on our faces.

That is why I speak.

Here’s to all of us who speak, in our offices or on the road, sharing ideas and challenging others to reach their goals. And to everyone who does what they love, every day. Don’t stop. Sometimes it gets hard. But every so often you’ll get those quiet moments that speak louder than standing ovations.

Be well.
Keep doing good.

The Rest of the Story

It’s true that I have a degree in philosophy, I’m an avid photographer and writer. I spend a lot of my time as a speaker and advisor to people across the globe. Much of what I do is teach people how to apply creative and critical thinking to personal and professional lives. I started speaking and teaching in the real estate industry focused on salespeople, managers and executives. I discovered after a while that almost any company could learn from the lessons I shared, so I’ve spoken to all sorts of sales, marketing, technology and product organizations since then, too. I’ve delivered a lot of gigs, including keynotes, workshops and retreats, and had an opportunity to work with people in 49 U.S. states, 16 countries and can deliver in multiple languages. At heart I’m an ideas-guy, which is why I try to connect the dots between all sorts of disciplines and create learning experiences in many formats like big stages and little retreats and even tiny little posts online.

As a cancer survivor (twice) I have learned that the most important thing in life is doing noble work: my favorite conversations with audiences give them a chance to express their deep inner beliefs through their work. Somebody once claimed I possessed a “renaissance mindset” because I have an uncanny ability to pull together threads from history, industry, art, science, technology and who-knows-where-else to help people create a context for new growth. At the very least, a mind full of such things means I’m invited to a lot of dinners. I can talk about just about anything.

But it’s not all talk. I’ve walked many walks. I was a solopreneur while still in college, selling software and training to salespeople while I learned more about the sales and marketing industry. Filling needs for clients meant assembling a training team that did workshops all the world, delivered 1500+ webinars annually, and answered more than 20,000 calls a month in a 30+ person call center. Over the years I’ve written courses, franchise deployment guides, operations manuals, online e-learning, and developed an online video learning library with more than 300 programs. I’m sure there’s more my team and I did in between (yeah, lots more) but you get the point. We’ve done all the things we’ve talked about, and we’ve been right there next to our clients who still do them every day.

Before all of that, I went to school in Italy, earned degrees in philosophy and political economics and moved from Boston to Las Vegas. I even almost quit the speaking business but instead learned the challenging art of reinventing oneself over and over again. I picked up a camera for the first time since high school a few years ago and apparently I’m not all that bad at photography. Somebody gave me a couple of awards, and clients have auctioned a dozen or so photographs to raise money for women’s shelters and homeless charities around the world.

I still get up every day and ask: How can I unleash the potential of others, with a good idea and a little encouragement. I am always honored when someone waves in the airport and remembers an event from years ago. I’m humbled when someone in the audience walks over and gives me a hugI don’t sell anything from the stage – never have, never will. I’ve only missed one event in 25 years (ok, it was a hurricane). So if you need a creative, motivating moment that will leave us both a little better for having met, just give me a call (or text or tweet or whatever we’re doing these days).

Oh, and if it helps, here are a few things people have said about me on social media.

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Notable Clients

Some of the companies we’ve worked with since 1991 around the world

  • Realogy Franchise Group (Worldwide)
  • Wells Fargo Mortgage (U.S.)
  • Sotheby’s International Real Estate (Global)
  • Leading Real Estate Companies of the World (Global)
  • Royal LePage Canada
  • Berkshire Hathaway Home Services (Brokerages and Corporation, U.S.)
  • Harcourts Real Estate, Australia, New Zealand, United States
  • Christie’s International Real Estate (Worldwide)
  • Moxi Works Technology
  • Engels & Volker Real Estate
  • Real Estate Nouvelle Technologies (Paris, France)
  • Windermere Real Estate (Brokerages and Corporation, U.S.)
  • Weichert Real Estate (Brokerages and Corporation, U.S.)
  • Howard Hanna Real Estate
  • Long and Foster Real Estate
  • Douglas Elliman Real Estate
  • Houlihan Lawrence Real Estate
  • NRT, LLC (Largest Real Estate Corporation in United States)
  • RE/MAX Real Estate (Brokerages across U.S.)
  • Atlas Van Lines, Canada and U.S.
  • Beaute-Prestige Internationale
  • Inlanta Mortgage Corporation (North America)
  • ERA Real Estate (Corporate and Brokerages, US and Europe)
  • Coldwell Banker Real Estate, LLC (North America and Europe)
  • Century 21 Real Estate LLC (Global)
  • Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate (North America)
  • REALTOR Local and State Associations in all 50 U.S. states

Interesting Facts About Matthew

Two time cancer survivor
Degree in Philosophy
Degree in Political Economics
Writes mystery stories for fun
Travelled 250,000+ miles last year.
Speaks three languages (and reads a dead one)

Amateur Photographer
Many of Matthew’s photographs have been auctioned to raise money for charities around the world. To see his work, visit his recent-travels portfolio or his complete online photography website.

Special Skills

Matthew is often asked to “pull all the threads together” from many different speakers at a conference, and help audiences “make sense of it all.”

Master of Ceremonies / Interviewer
Matthew has emceed dozens of conferences, including main-stage interviews with the event’s executive leadership, special guests, celebrities and attendees.

Podcast / Video
Matthew has done over 500 videos and radio/podcast interviews in his career. He has been featured on broadcast radio since the 1990s and has developed multimedia content found inside the corporate intranets of more than 5000 companies around the world.

Global Experience

Matthew has spoken around the world, delivering conferences in multiple languages and worked with real-time translation, including:

New Zealand
Costa Rica
and many other countries