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Speaker. Writer. Capitalist. Survivor. Photographer. Teacher. Listener. Find out why organizations worldwide ask Matthew Ferrara to engage their leadership, train their management, inspire their sales teams and energize customers. Unleash your thinking by talking to a philosopher…..

Keynotes and Workshops

[Yellow Pants and Pirates] Where does growth come from? Join Matthew Ferrara as he explores the intersection of inner beliefs, personal passions and professional traits that fuel the highest performing individuals and organizations in the world. Learn how one photo changed everything, and helped Matthew discover new approaches to creating great growth in our lives and careers.

[Renaissance Leadership] Great Leadership changes everything. Join Matthew Ferrara as he explores the much-needed Renaissance in leadership in our lives, careers and society. Learn the five key principles of a leadership mindset, and discover the powerful impact you can make as a leader to those around you. Drawing upon nearly three decades of experience with leaders around the globe, Matthew connects time-tested ideas to forward-looking practices to create an entirely fresh approach to making leadership your most important asset in today’s world.

[Social Media Revisited] A decade after social media changed our lives, can we do better? Join Matthew Ferrara as he explores best practices in social networking, relationships, and society with stories and images from his travels around the world. Discover the amazingly simple principle of personal conversations in a social society, and take an entirely different approach to growing your business online. Distance yourself from the networking noise of advertisements, virality and selfie-culture, and focus on business leadership, one conversation at a time.


[Glistening, Glittering and Glum] Modern marketing is meaningless. Listless copy, pointless photos and millions of mundane videos: You get the point. Join Matthew Ferrara in a unique workshop combining creative writing and digital marketing. Learn how pens and paper improves marketing copy, as well as reframes photos and videos. Animate your personal marketing with success stories, and attract clients to your products with a classic dose of mystery. Read aloud, write for fun, and discover how your marketing can be anything but glum.

[Consumers, The Next Generation] Is your salesforce prepared for the next, next consumer? While most organizations are still playing catch-up with the wireless-ready, always-on consumer of today, the next generation of consumers is already busy rewriting the rules of work, play, and commerce. Join Matthew Ferrara as he explores the complex intersection of demographics, technology, globalism and modern consumerism that affects every business around the world. From Shanghai to Chicago, Matthew’s research and stories will give your company a unique look at the emerging consumer trends you will be dealing with sooner than you think.


[Twenty Five Years of Content] For nearly three decades, Matthew has been creating new content for sales industries, real estate, finance, leadership, education, technology, and international businesses. His library contains hundreds of learning modules on sales techniques, management skills, international customers, social media, recruiting and retention, customer service, presentation skills and more. If you have a special idea for your group, just talk to Matthew and he can easily customize the right program for you from his extensive experience.  


What people say about Matthew…

“Matthew has impressed me from Day One, which is why we keep asking him back. He has a rare grasp of the basics of the traditional brokerage business AND the potential for enhancement brought by interactive marketing and social media. He understands that it’s about people. Matthew not only has this expertise but he’s a great teacher and presenter, mixing effective delivery of concepts with humor and examples. He’s one of the best consultants/teachers in the business today….a really special talent!”
I've heard Matthew Ferrara speak before and typically my head starts swimming about 5 minutes into the tech-speak - his knowledge in that field is incredible, to say the least.  That being said - his presentation on Thursday touched the "real-side" of our business and it was SPECTACULAR! Loved the entire presentation.
There are simply not enough words to describe the force that Matthew Ferrara exemplifies in business. He is by any means, a prodigy, who can consult at the highest level across all aspects of real estate business. Not only does Matthew become the voice of innovation and technology for realtors, but the advocate for deploying the fundamental skills and practices needed to be successful in real estate and how technology “supports” these commandments. Quick on his feet, creatively outstanding and fiercely loyal, Matthew is both visionary and role model within the real estate industry.”
Matthew is simply the best speaker when it comes to the topics of technology and real estate, period! I have been in organizations where hired Matthew and I’ve also worked with him in a variety of projects over the years and he always brings new and fresh ideas to the table. I would highly recommend Matthew and his team of professionals for speaking engagements, training, or coaching your team of professionals.
Matthew is an exceptional trainer, speaker and visionary in the area of technology. He is dynamic, engaging, well informed, and entertaining. Afterwards, I had the opportunity to speak with Matthew on the current state of our industry as a whole, and found that he also has a firm grasp of today’s most vexing problems, and some very original and inspired ideas on what to do about them. He is truly a renaissance man well versed in virtually all aspects of business. I am also grateful that my company has chosen to follow Matthew’s advice on a variety of questions, and hope that he continues to play a decisive role in the direction of the company.
Matthew Ferrara is an extremely talented professional and leader with an extraordinary level of integrity & class.His ability to please clients consistently is unparalleled. Matt’s entire team is formed from the same mold with remarkable skills in consulting, training and technology. Matt and team revolutionize the real estate industry with their talent and consummate support and advice.

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