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Great ideas spark great growth.

“Ladies and gentlemen, your keynote speaker today almost didn’t get here. Not because his plane was late, but because after I picked him up, we were having such a good conversation, I wanted to steal him for the whole day and pick his brain.” That’s how I was recently introduced by a CEO to his company, and that’s what I do: inspire, educate, share and help others think about whatever it is they’re working on. I’m an ideas guy with nearly thirty years of practical outcomes that have affected multiple industries and hundreds of companies around the world. You can see the whole resume here, but what I would much rather you do is experience it for yourself in my writingvideos, and photography.

Or just ask for my smartphone number and discover for yourself whether you should add a philosopher, photographer and writer to your next event and your ongoing growth strategy.

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“My philosophy is to only do excellent work. Not because of ratings or reviews or even referrals, but because one day, in an audience of thousands, I might make a difference in the life of one person.”

What I Do


I’m a professional keynote speaker, executive coach and leadership trainer. I have spoken in 50+ cities worldwide a year since 1991.

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I capture what mostly goes unseen by others, then turn those images into conversations online and on-stage.

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Resident Philosopher

Beyond consulting, I contribute as the “in-house thinker” for strategy for many organizations, connecting lots of dots to create growth.

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How do you stand out from the competition and inspire your sphere of influence to reach your personal and professional goals? Matthew Ferrara explores what happens when you connect your creativity with your career success. Learn More


What can today’s leaders learn from the masters of the Renaissance? Join Matthew Ferrara on a tour-de-force of history’s greatest leaders in science, commerce, art, and society to uncover timeless lessons for today’s leaders. Learn More


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Becoming Epic

How a few warm cookies and a caring flight attendant can teach us what it means to go beyond the competition to the highest level of commitment: Becoming Epic.

The Digital Piazza

Something is happening to us. Part wonderful, part unsettling, It’s the wholesale reprogramming of our fundamental walk through the world. And with these new behaviors come new possibilities for understanding the world, and ultimately, our selves.

Focus on Your Impact

When you decide the impact you want to make, it will become the key to a winning strategy. Making money is actually easy; but it’s doing good work that drives real success.

Three Great Telephone Calls

How three great phone calls reminded me that it’s not just the latest apps that make for great social networking.

Oatmeal and the Missing Manager

Management matters. Whether it’s a hotel, restaurant or professional services firm, the lack of good management is ruining so many great brands out there.

The Way of the Inventor

A photography walk through the laboratories of the Thomas Edison Museum in New Jersey yields some amazing lessons for today’s innovators and entrepreneurs.