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  • Anita

    As always….I appreciate your video’s and YOU!

  • Thanks, Anita!! Glad they are helpful! We appreciate your support.

  • Debra Peters

    Thanks again for another informative video!

  • Brian Russell

    What’s the best way to “listen” for your company on twitter/facebook/etc?

  • Excellent, Matthew!

    Oh, the power of Social Media… especially when your name is Matthew Ferrara 🙂

  • terryssmith

    Do not have a tab named public posts

  • Brian Russell

    Matthew, do you have an example of a GOOD listing video? Or one that isn’t as polished as the Australian one with the guy walking around the house naked 🙂 Something that an agent could do that doesn’t require a studio, a videography degree or expensive editing suite? Much appreciated!

  • Yes we do! Here is a recent one from an attendee at our events. It is home-grown with some basic editing and camera work:

  • Rossi

    Matt, your straight forward approach backed by your powerful persona give people what they want. You are a master. Keep Smiling ROSSI Speaks

  • Thanks, Rossi! I appreciate the support, and it means a lot coming from a leader like you! Be well.

  • Matthew Gaskill

    How random. I was a friend and roommate of Kristen in college.

  • What a small world!!

  • Char4Dew

    Good and concise.

  • Bas North

    As I so love watching your videos…very inspiring and great advice

  • pgalesloot

    two thumbs up

  • Jeff Gordon

    Awesome video Matthew. Nice, nice work.

  • Hi Matthew,

    Thanks for the tips on photography.

    What are your thoughts about using using HDR Tuning in the photoshop products?

    The vibrance adjustment seems to make the photo pop, but I have to wonder if it then looks unreal to the viewer?

  • Good stuff! Nice meeting you in Vegas last week.