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Successful sales organizations are relentlessly focused on one thing: the consumer. They resist the temptation to worry about competitors, and they target every action and innovation to creating customers who: Refer them to their friends. Come back in the future. The key to doing this well is to adopt a culture and infrastructure that listens and learns from consumers every day. We call this having a “consumer mindset.”

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web, yet most REALTORS still haven't figured out how tap into its traffic. Maybe that's because their MLS listing sheets can't play a video? Let's change that.  Read more

For some time now, I’ve been asking myself if I’d missed the point about Twitter. Give it some time, I told myself. Sometimes these new technologies just need to shake themselves out. Originally, Motorola  shelved the mouse as an input device, only to have someone dust it off years later and make it the tool of choice for personal computers. So I gave Twitter a chance. I tried it myself, and even started to “follow” some people online. Alas, with the release of a new study, I now know  that I should have stuck with my initial reaction. Twitter is  Read more

Readers of our column know that we called the beginning of the end of search engines some time ago, when we noted that Facebook and MySpace had already started to generate more ad views and targeted traffic than Yahoo and Google. Unfortunately, Microsoft didn’t seem to have read our post, and went ahead with Bing. Microsoft calls it a “decision engine” and it certainly works differently than the traditional search sites. Yet technology improvements aside, none of the  search engine players have considered the basic question: Do people really “search” for things on the internet any more?

Ten Questions with Real Estate Expert Matthew Ferrara By Dianna Kawell Reposted with permission from WCR’s site.Real estate is becoming an increasingly technology-driven industry. Every day, a typical REALTOR® depends heavily on her laptop, GPS and digital camera to get the job done. For what was long believed to be a face-to-face business, 88 percent of REALTORS® now report using e-mail as the preferred method of communicating with their clients.However, REALTOR® Web sites may be the one neglected piece of the technology puzzle. Perhaps, it is because agents see little tangible results from their personal Web sites. In the latest  Read more