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The misinformation campaign about the housing market continues with yet another announcement of a “drop” that is entirely meaningless. When will real estate brokers take control of the information story?  Read more

With record low mortgage rates and record high affordability, it’s clearly not the economic fundamentals that are holding back buyers from the marketplace. Now it’s time for creative REALTORS to address the buyers’ sense of fear.

Maximize the summer selling season with our ten simple conversation starters for home owners.  Read more

According to everyone with a microphone, now’s the best time to buy a home in decades. The recession has pushed home prices and mortgage interest rates so low that affordability has never been better. We’ll even throw in a few free Bernanke Bucks to help you cover closing and commission costs, and rebate you the remaining dollars even if you didn’t pay them in taxes. Between all the rebates, freebies, price reductions and home inventory options, doesn’t it seem strange that the market isn’t roaring? Sure, there’s a bit of unemployment rising here and there, but 9 out of 10 Americans still  Read more

What one phrase has done more damage to the housing industry – consumer and practitioner alike – in the last two years? “I’m waiting for the bottom.” Buyers have been sitting on the sidelines, waiting for prices to hit their lows. Those REALTORS who didn’t just quit (200,000-plus of them did) similarly stuck their heads in the sand, waiting for everything to just blow over. “When the market changes,” was the favorite phrase of meetings, workshops, articles and convention speakers. A few out there – the Harneys, the Stavers, even yours truly – continued to plead for sanity. Nobody has  Read more

Let's help sellers make better decisions by leveraging their emotional intelligence. Not market intelligence, but emotional. For the first half of the listing presentation, let's take sellers for a ride. Drive them around the neighborhood to see the other homes they are competing against. Get them inside, to see with their own eyes, smell with their own nose and feel with their own emotions what they are up against. Let them experience the newer, older, better, worse - firsthand. Almost like a buyer again.  Read more

This video made me jump up out of my seat and cheer! Finally, a businessman who isn’t embarrassed by what he earns – and is willing to defend it in front of the mass purveyors of guilt, the Media. Every REALTOR should watch this clip and see what it looks like when someone stands up and says, Yes, dammit! I’m worth every penny! I may get paid a lot, but I create a LOT MORE value in return. We need a lot more of this kind of attitude in the industry these days – rather than the doom, gloom, hat-in-hand  Read more

I think I’ll apply for the job as Federal Treasurer next month. Apparently, all you need is an abacus and a few simple thoughts and you can at least blow a trillion or so taxpayer dollars. If you’ve actually studied economics, – well, hey, maybe consumers can just fix this mess by making one small change in their approach to purchasing a home… .

For some months, REALTORS have been fretting that buyers are “sitting on the sidelines” waiting for the market to “hit the bottom.” We constantly hear news reports with interviews of “savvy” sellers who are trying to “time the market just right” to get the most for their home’s sale while getting a “bargain” for their next home. Timing the market – to sell high, and buy cheap – is a strategy for buying and selling stocks or bonds. But when it comes to housing, it’s the entirely wrong market model. It’s time REALTORS started saying so.

Well, thank goodness for someone who understands the markets – other than the lopsided “woe-is-us” viewpoint of the National Association of REALTORS (NAR). In fact, when it comes down to it, maybe we should ask more Wall Street analysts and hedge fund managers to really monitor the markets for us. Here’s the good news, from the Wall Street Journal: The Housing Crisis Is Over By CYRIL MOULLE-BERTEAUX May 6, 2008; Page A23 The dire headlines coming fast and furious in the financial and popular press suggest that the housing crisis is intensifying. Yet it is very likely that April 2008  Read more

Here’s a really simple idea for REALTORS who are struggling to sell “mis-priced listings.” Just Say No! Call it the Nancy Reagan Rule of Real Estate: Some listings are “bad” for you – kind of like certain kinds of substances are bad for you. But sometimes, REALTORS just get on a “listing high” when they get a homeowner all geared up to sign on the dotted line. After pouring out their hearts in a listing presentation, filled with facts and figures and advice, they become vulnerable to a moment of insanity called “I’m gonna get this listing!” And that’s when  Read more