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The misinformation campaign about the housing market continues with yet another announcement of a “drop” that is entirely meaningless. When will real estate brokers take control of the information story?  Read more

It would be helpful if the media and eggheads stopped talking about the national housing market. Just leave it to the REALTORS to talk to customers locally.  Read more

With record low mortgage rates and record high affordability, it’s clearly not the economic fundamentals that are holding back buyers from the marketplace. Now it’s time for creative REALTORS to address the buyers’ sense of fear.

FHA is about to change the rules for backing future loans. Will REALTORS be ready when the government-backed subsidies get harder to come by?  Read more

Let's help sellers make better decisions by leveraging their emotional intelligence. Not market intelligence, but emotional. For the first half of the listing presentation, let's take sellers for a ride. Drive them around the neighborhood to see the other homes they are competing against. Get them inside, to see with their own eyes, smell with their own nose and feel with their own emotions what they are up against. Let them experience the newer, older, better, worse - firsthand. Almost like a buyer again.  Read more