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Last month, my neighbor’s house sold three times. Once at 4pm on a Tuesday, again at 10 on Wednesday; and finally at noon last Friday. Too bad their listing agent didn’t know it.  Read more

Frequently in this column, I have argued that REALTORS have a lot to learn about selling and customer service from “professional” sales organizations. A common reference has been who puts at least seven photos of every pair of shoes online. Zappos proves that just because you have a large database of “inventory” there’s no excuse for not having lots of clear, informative information and images for your products. Zappos even raises the bar on “descriptions” on inventory: their writers describe shoes in terms of customer desires and needs – like “sexy, comfy, classy, etc.” This is totally unlike REALTOR  Read more

In the past three days, two great experiences with sales and service people have offered renewed optimism that some organizations are “getting it” when it comes to technology and sales. The first was a fairly straightforward presentation from the Owens Corning company. We invited them to our house to propose a plan for finishing our basement. Owens Corning has this really cool system that essentially “snaps together” like Leggos. It’s completely organic free – so it can’t mold or mildew – and you can have your entire basement finished in days, not months, that traditional drywall and multiple contractors (electric,  Read more