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Once again, the Pope proves that even the oldest, most traditional organizations in the world can adapt to change - and use it to enlighten his sphere of influence. This time, he uses a tablet to light the world's largest Christmas tree.  Read more

There’s no better competitive strategy than eliminating “industry practices” that annoy consumers. Of course, you’ll have to be brave: The biggest complainers will likely be your competitors.  Read more

There’s no doubt that homeownership remains the American Dream. But what will REALTORS do if Gen Y decides to defer that dream for, say, a decade?  Read more

Too many REALTORS are in "lock-down" mode during the housing recession. But approximately 4.5 million homes will switch hands this year. Innovative brokers should be making a killing.  Read more

The 2010 NAR Convention in New Orleans has barely started and already great ideas are everywhere. For starters, try creating an internal company social network  Read more

Here's are eight creative ways to prepare for the next generation of real estate in 2011. Get into the holiday spirit with these lessons for the last quarter of the year.  Read more

It's up to local real estate professionals to keep the American Dream alive. It's a tough job, but they're the best ones to do it. Here's why.  Read more

Nowadays, you'd think there's nothing more to do online than social networking. But don't count out the power and potential of the Old Internet just yet!  Read more

The real estate industry’s message remains that housing is a good "investment." The question is: to whom?  Read more

For all the efforts to clear the U.S. housing market, the sheer scale of the real estate crash defies even the most aggressive approaches like short selling. What’s needed to get the country out from under a crushing debt crisis and inventory glut is an idea that’s been keeping markets healthy and wealthy for decades, Down Under.

The iPad's destiny isn't how it will revive newspapers and magazines, but how it will finally kill off the real estate property listing sheet. Hopefully.  Read more

Even giant companies like Lenovo might find they really don't understand how to satisfy the modern customer. What about your company?  Read more

The recession holds answers to the real estate industry's troubles - if it's willing to listen. Otherwise it might just find out who's buried in Grant's tomb.  Read more

There are two basic reasons why companies fail: unwillingness to embrace the obvious changes of their day, and a smug rejection of customer feedback. At Barnes and Noble, you can get both.  Read more

Traditional housing reports lack useful data for the modern real estate consumer. What Gen X and Gen Y need to know in the future goes far beyond the traditional CMA.  Read more