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Over the weekend, the National Association of REALTORS voted to become more like a union, and to start the process of killing off MLS. Did you miss that vote, too? We thought so.  Read more

It has been one hell of a year for small businesses in America. Longer hours, less pay and fewer customers have added up to more stress at the office. It’s time to remember what made the “good old days” so good and build that into the future.  Read more

Can you feel it? Maybe it's the change of seasons, the political campaigns or robo-signers who are to blame, but what the housing industry needs right now is just a little peace and quiet.  Read more

How do you go from recession to double-dip housing market depression as fast as possible? Check out H.R. 5028 - the Right to Rent Bill - currently making its way through Congress.  Read more

It's up to local real estate professionals to keep the American Dream alive. It's a tough job, but they're the best ones to do it. Here's why.  Read more

Real estate market got you down? REALTORS can learn the correct spells and incantations to keep the bad housing spirits away.  Read more

If the housing market fell nearly 17% the month after the original housing tax credits were supposed to end, what's going to happen when they really do come to an end? Are REALTORS ready for the Day After?  Read more

Some questions Matthew Ferrara thinks REALTORS should be asking of FHA - before it's too late.  Read more

According to a new survey by NAR, by a factor of 4, most buyers think open houses are far more useless than they were just a year ago.  Read more

Hindsight is always 20/20, they say. Unless, of course, you spend most of your time navel gazing. So it’s almost myopic to point out that some ideas’ time has come. And other ideas’ time has passed. On one hand, it’s time for every sale to include in-house ancillary sales. On the other hand, it’s time for NAR to give up the dream of one HAL-like central database. Didn’t they find the bellybutton lint the last time they tried it?

Bizarre, Cool, Finally and Funny: Observations from the NAR Annual Conference, 2009 Each year, as thousands of REALTORS descend upon some unsuspecting city in American, we bring you observations from the event, complete with raised eyebrows of all kinds. This year’s Annual Convention of the National Association of REALTORS in San Diego is no exception: the 14,000 vendors, agents and industry leaders left us with no lack of bizarre, cool, finally and funny observations to share with you. So, without further ado, here goes. Bizarre: Why do all of the REALTOR conventions happen in cities with soaring homeless rates? It  Read more

Real estate is essentially a research industry: trouble is, most agents and brokers think the most important research is about houses, prices, square footage and such. Considering the data that sits in most MLS systems – unverified and incomplete – you’d think they would know better by now. In fact, the best research for any sales industry isn’t the commodity data but the customer specs and competition capabilities. Knowing everything there is to know about the consumer – and the competitors who are trying to beat you to their door – is far more fascinating. And given the state of  Read more

Which is harder to spot: The Loch Ness Monster or the housing industry recovery? Given the number of false sightings for both, it’s not hard to imagine that we’ll ever see either. It seems that few people can tell if they’re looking at a recovery or not: Even the “Voice of Real Estate” changes its mind every month. Should we call a recovery just because downward trends are slowing, or do we have to wait for them to actually rise? Is a one-month rise sufficient, or should we wait for two quarters positive balance? Can housing recover if consumers continue  Read more

Ten Questions with Real Estate Expert Matthew Ferrara By Dianna Kawell Reposted with permission from WCR’s site.Real estate is becoming an increasingly technology-driven industry. Every day, a typical REALTOR® depends heavily on her laptop, GPS and digital camera to get the job done. For what was long believed to be a face-to-face business, 88 percent of REALTORS® now report using e-mail as the preferred method of communicating with their clients.However, REALTOR® Web sites may be the one neglected piece of the technology puzzle. Perhaps, it is because agents see little tangible results from their personal Web sites. In the latest  Read more

“Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated,” So quipped Mark Twain after hearing his demise had been published in the New York Times. The same might be said today about the real estate industry. A lot of hullabaloo has been making its way through the web these days – the end of brands, numbered days for independent agents, consumers ready to do it on their own. Trouble is, it’s mostly punditry that supports these assertions. Certainly, real estate brokerage is under a lot of pressure to produce profits, cut costs and improve customer satisfaction these days. Even more likely is  Read more