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Here's a video with six ways to improve your listing presentation using some smart techniques and technology. Hope you enjoy - and please share it with a friend.  Read more

Most sellers only interview one agent when choosing someone to sell their home. So it seems to us that social networking is far more important than listing presentations. We explain why.  Read more

The misinformation campaign about the housing market continues with yet another announcement of a “drop” that is entirely meaningless. When will real estate brokers take control of the information story?  Read more

Nowadays, you'd think there's nothing more to do online than social networking. But don't count out the power and potential of the Old Internet just yet!  Read more

Saying a home is just a "little" overpriced is like saying you're just a "little" pregnant. Sellers who do it should insist on the full benefit of overpricing. And it's in their agent's best interest to help.  Read more

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web, yet most REALTORS still haven't figured out how tap into its traffic. Maybe that's because their MLS listing sheets can't play a video? Let's change that.  Read more

The iPad's destiny isn't how it will revive newspapers and magazines, but how it will finally kill off the real estate property listing sheet. Hopefully.  Read more

Maximize the summer selling season with our ten simple conversation starters for home owners.  Read more

During the holidays, most of us are taking some time to slow down, enjoy the season, and recharge the batteries. It’s been a tough year – and next year will likely prove just as tough. But while it’s important to enjoy the festivities and good cheer, don’t forget that January 2 will likely be the most important day of the next twelve months. For REALTORS especially.

Peter Drucker said that the purpose of marketing is to make sales superfluous. That should come as welcome wisdom to the real estate industry that is comprised of so many reluctant salespeople who won’t telemarket, interact at open houses or even join Facebook (latest numbers show less than 35% of REALTORS with a social networking presence). So what can be done to improve the pathetic listing sheets, the photo-less listings or sea-sick virtual tours that are undermining so many sales? Perhaps a quick art lesson could help.

Sometimes, you just have to learn the hard way. That seems to be the real estate industry’s preferred method of implementing technology tools – at least for the last twenty years or so. A herald comes over the hill, the masses become excited, everyone just starts doing it: And that’s when the highest risk to sound business principles usually occurs. Which is exactly where we are today with IDX – the “sharing” of listing inventory between competing brokers’ websites. It sounds like a good idea, except for one small snag: Your million dollar website now looks awful because the data  Read more

I feel bad for REALTOR.COM. Let me start by saying that I like REALTOR.COM – I really do. They’re a hard working bunch that puts lots of time, energy and effort into promoting other people’s products. They aren’t always perfect – yet they keep trying, and trying, and trying. And they do have the number one real estate destination on the web – so they are doing something right. But for long? This week they announced their their latest round of new features for the website. Too bad it’s still fairly clear that REALTOR.COM is destined to fail. Why? Because  Read more

Regular readers of this column may remember the installment, No Photos, No Buyers, No Kidding, where I exhorted real estate agents to make every effort to upload multiple photos to every listing on their website. Back then, the argument was that online listings without photos were about as useless as jargon-abbreviated classifieds in the back of the newspaper. Truth be told, the consumer vindicated my efforts, with the NAR’s annual buyer survey reporting that the consumer ranks multiple photos as the single most important data they seek from online portals. Some real estate companies have gone so far as to  Read more