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One of the most common challenges businesses face is when someone says, "Hey, So-and-So down the street is doing this thing! Let's do it, too!" It's easy to copycat; it's harder to mind your own business. You decide.  Read more

Why do some people and companies consistently make changes while others keep doing what they've always done - right to the bitter end? Here are four common change-barriers that come from inside ourselves.  Read more

The classic real estate model asks each person to do everything. Agents must master dozens of skills. Managers must know those, plus management ones. The results are polarized. Maybe it's time to fix an organizational design flaw in the industry.  Read more

Too many REALTORS are in "lock-down" mode during the housing recession. But approximately 4.5 million homes will switch hands this year. Innovative brokers should be making a killing.  Read more