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Could eliminating the mortgage interest deduction create a stronger housing industry? Definitely, if you focus on the economics of the future, not the traditions of the past.  Read more

Tax credits didn't do it. Historic home affordability and low mortgage rates aren't working. If you want to survive this market, learn to laugh like a Klingon.  Read more

Some of us aren't surprised the $8,000 housing tax credits didn't work to increase demand, forestall foreclosures or create sustained prices stability. But the question now is: Does anybody care?  Read more

The housing market is experiencing a transformation of generational proportions. If these five headlines tell us anything, housing will never be the same. Have the lessons of the bust been absorbed by the industry, especially, those brokers still pining for things to change back?  Read more

It's common to hear agents, reporters and consumers complain that the housing market is being hurt because "credit is too tight." They make it sound like banks are being stingy, when in fact, credit isn't something the banks provide at all. Here's why.  Read more

These days, it seems like a little snow shuts down everything. Even when predicted, a little bad weather now disrupts our lives. So what are you doing to do when bad times hit your business?  Read more

Each year we ring in the future by asking “should auld acquaintances be forgot?” Let’s make 2011 the year we forgot about the housing market boom. And got on with selling the market as it exists today.  Read more

A new report by the CBO says Fannie and Freddie actually hampered the mortgage backed securities market's recovery after the crisis. No kidding?  Read more

Most real estate agents are taught to prospect their personal sphere, neighborhoods and renters-becoming-first-time-buyers, but do classic "textbook" strategies still work in today's market? Time to look beyond.  Read more

There's a simpler explanation why housing prices might be falling in some markets, but it only makes sense if you understand what "list price" means.  Read more

Contrary to popular belief, a wave of foreclosures would be the best solution for the housing market and the broader economy.  Read more

Don't expect housing to recover for years, if the trial lawyers have anything to say about it.  Read more

Start buying all the real estate in sight - before your money won't be able to buy any real estate for years to come.  Read more

What do you get when you combine a foreclosure recall, Helicopter Bernanke bucks and praise for higher home prices? A triple dip in the housing market.  Read more

Just when the housing market was starting to heal, government steps in and makes a mess of things once again. It's not robo-signers but robo-politicians that are are once again disrupting the marketplace. At consumers' continued expense.  Read more