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Trust is the ultimate marketing tool.  Read more

Don't expect housing to recover for years, if the trial lawyers have anything to say about it.  Read more

Start buying all the real estate in sight - before your money won't be able to buy any real estate for years to come.  Read more

What do you get when you combine a foreclosure recall, Helicopter Bernanke bucks and praise for higher home prices? A triple dip in the housing market.  Read more

Just when the housing market was starting to heal, government steps in and makes a mess of things once again. It's not robo-signers but robo-politicians that are are once again disrupting the marketplace. At consumers' continued expense.  Read more

Can you feel it? Maybe it's the change of seasons, the political campaigns or robo-signers who are to blame, but what the housing industry needs right now is just a little peace and quiet.  Read more

How do you go from recession to double-dip housing market depression as fast as possible? Check out H.R. 5028 - the Right to Rent Bill - currently making its way through Congress.  Read more

It would be helpful if the media and eggheads stopped talking about the national housing market. Just leave it to the REALTORS to talk to customers locally.  Read more

Could it be that the real estate crisis continues because the government thinks a housing crisis is a terrible thing to waste?  Read more

Fannie and Freddie committed the biggest taxpayer fraud in history. It's time to put them away for good, and the head of their crime syndicate, HUD.  Read more

In Part 1, we started the countdown towards May 1, the Day After. In Part 2, we offer ten suggestions for REALTORS to stay in business when the dust settles.  Read more

FHA is about to change the rules for backing future loans. Will REALTORS be ready when the government-backed subsidies get harder to come by?  Read more

Some questions Matthew Ferrara thinks REALTORS should be asking of FHA - before it's too late.  Read more

The real estate and mortgage industries are paying the price for Fannie Mae's free-lunch fraud. Looks like the people who couldn't afford "affordable housing" most weren't just consumers, but its most vocal advocates.  Read more

Bizarre, Cool, Finally and Funny: Observations from the NAR Annual Conference, 2009 Each year, as thousands of REALTORS descend upon some unsuspecting city in American, we bring you observations from the event, complete with raised eyebrows of all kinds. This year’s Annual Convention of the National Association of REALTORS in San Diego is no exception: the 14,000 vendors, agents and industry leaders left us with no lack of bizarre, cool, finally and funny observations to share with you. So, without further ado, here goes. Bizarre: Why do all of the REALTOR conventions happen in cities with soaring homeless rates? It  Read more