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If you thought prospecting move-up buyers was hard, then you'll be amazed at why you should start prospecting your future first-time buyers before they're even out of high school.  Read more

College graduates in 2011 will leave school with record levels of debt, raising questions about the future of the housing market's traditional supply of first time home buyers. Smart real estate agents will be prepared to help them anyway.  Read more

New technology alone cannot get customers to like your company if your process still feels like it has been around since the Eisenhower Era. An interesting blog from Harvard Business Review offers some advice for the real estate industry, too.  Read more

The classic real estate model asks each person to do everything. Agents must master dozens of skills. Managers must know those, plus management ones. The results are polarized. Maybe it's time to fix an organizational design flaw in the industry.  Read more

For years we’ve been pointing out the failures of traditional marketing methods used in the real estate industry. But what happens when the “new” marketing approaches start to fail, too? Get ready for a real innovation challenge!  Read more

Imagine our surprise when the results of a Fannie Mae survey sounded like one of our recent postings. Apparently something big is happening with consumer attitudes and housing!  Read more

There’s no doubt that homeownership remains the American Dream. But what will REALTORS do if Gen Y decides to defer that dream for, say, a decade?  Read more

According to Pew Research, college grads borrowed a lot more this decade than a generation ago. When they come home for the holidays this year, it might be to stay for a whole lot longer. It also means the first-time home buyer patterns are changing once again in our country.  Read more

Which came first: The Twitter or the tweet? Smart businesses need to know.  Read more

Good social networking is much more than lots of updates; It's hard work if you hope to turn it into new business. Here are four ways to help shape up social presence  Read more

It's up to local real estate professionals to keep the American Dream alive. It's a tough job, but they're the best ones to do it. Here's why.  Read more

The real estate industry’s message remains that housing is a good "investment." The question is: to whom?  Read more

Here are seven secrets to making social networking one of your most powerful prospecting tools with today's modern real estate buyers and sellers.  Read more

Successful sales organizations are relentlessly focused on one thing: the consumer. They resist the temptation to worry about competitors, and they target every action and innovation to creating customers who: Refer them to their friends. Come back in the future. The key to doing this well is to adopt a culture and infrastructure that listens and learns from consumers every day. We call this having a “consumer mindset.”

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web, yet most REALTORS still haven't figured out how tap into its traffic. Maybe that's because their MLS listing sheets can't play a video? Let's change that.  Read more