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Successful sales organizations are relentlessly focused on one thing: the consumer. They resist the temptation to worry about competitors, and they target every action and innovation to creating customers who: Refer them to their friends. Come back in the future. The key to doing this well is to adopt a culture and infrastructure that listens and learns from consumers every day. We call this having a “consumer mindset.”

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web, yet most REALTORS still haven't figured out how tap into its traffic. Maybe that's because their MLS listing sheets can't play a video? Let's change that.  Read more

If the first thing you do when you meet an old friend for lunch is whip out a copy of your newspaper advertising, you're probably doomed to failure when it comes to Facebook.  Read more

Even giant companies like Lenovo might find they really don't understand how to satisfy the modern customer. What about your company?  Read more

The recession holds answers to the real estate industry's troubles - if it's willing to listen. Otherwise it might just find out who's buried in Grant's tomb.  Read more

What’s the point, after the novelty wears off, that makes social networking a viable channel to create new business? Just what is the outcome to be achieved with social networking for real estate professionals?

There are two basic reasons why companies fail: unwillingness to embrace the obvious changes of their day, and a smug rejection of customer feedback. At Barnes and Noble, you can get both.  Read more

Traditional housing reports lack useful data for the modern real estate consumer. What Gen X and Gen Y need to know in the future goes far beyond the traditional CMA.  Read more