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A recent quote from Walter Percy Chrysler has been stuck in my head lately: Most people never get ahead in life because when opportunity knocks, they are out back looking for four leaf clovers. These days, it seems like Chrysler’s perspective is particularly appropriate to the real estate industry crisis. In addition to merely waiting around for Uncle Sam, Freddie, Fannie and even China to revive the housing industry, most brokers are busy scurrying around looking for lucky charms to help them survive the downturn. In fact, it’s even worse than usual – beyond burying statues and rearranging furniture –  Read more

Here’s a really simple idea for REALTORS who are struggling to sell “mis-priced listings.” Just Say No! Call it the Nancy Reagan Rule of Real Estate: Some listings are “bad” for you – kind of like certain kinds of substances are bad for you. But sometimes, REALTORS just get on a “listing high” when they get a homeowner all geared up to sign on the dotted line. After pouring out their hearts in a listing presentation, filled with facts and figures and advice, they become vulnerable to a moment of insanity called “I’m gonna get this listing!” And that’s when  Read more