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One of my most favorite motivational messages comes from a short piece by Simple Truth’s 212-degrees movie. The message is simple and powerful: At 212 degrees, water simply boils. At 212-degrees it becomes steam. And steam can power a locomotive. In other words: One small degree of effort more, and you’re moving from ‘hot water” into powerful productivity. So, what would one degree more of effort look like for REALTORS when trying to sell a home in a competitive marketplace?

NAR turned 100 years old this year. Think where we have come in 100 years. Think how fast our business has changed since the mid 1990s with the introduction of the internet into the business sector. With this anniversary in our midst it is time to think about new standards of performance for our business. Why? Today‚Äôs consumer is unlike any consumer we have ever known. This is because of the rapid acceleration of the internet and the rate at which people like to communicate. They expect and deserve new levels of professionalism from us . These new standards start  Read more