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Let's get real - and radical - about changing the real estate market. Rather than wringing our hands about first time buyers, bankers and credit, why don't we find the clients of the future, who have something very valuable: Cash.  Read more

So what if the housing market takes another turn for the worse? Markets go up, markets go down. Unless you're ready to quit selling real estate, what matters isn't the market but your strategy. Here's why.  Read more

Saying a home is just a "little" overpriced is like saying you're just a "little" pregnant. Sellers who do it should insist on the full benefit of overpricing. And it's in their agent's best interest to help.  Read more

Conducting office meetings can be an expensive proposition. Follow these "do's and don'ts" to make your office meetings really count.  Read more

For all the efforts to clear the U.S. housing market, the sheer scale of the real estate crash defies even the most aggressive approaches like short selling. What’s needed to get the country out from under a crushing debt crisis and inventory glut is an idea that’s been keeping markets healthy and wealthy for decades, Down Under.

Will this summer turn out to be a bust, or the sale of the century? Smart REALTORS will decide.  Read more

Here are ten simple phrases managers can work into their recruiting conversations with potential candidates. The agent's reaction to any one of them should instantly tell you if you have found the right person for the job.  Read more

The recession holds answers to the real estate industry's troubles - if it's willing to listen. Otherwise it might just find out who's buried in Grant's tomb.  Read more

In Part 1, we started the countdown towards May 1, the Day After. In Part 2, we offer ten suggestions for REALTORS to stay in business when the dust settles.  Read more

Perhaps the Aflac spokesduck can teach real estate brokers how to avoid quacking-up by the time the housing market turns around.  Read more

Considering how notoriously misleading the Case-Shiller report is,does anyone wonder why buyers and sellers don't believe a word of their REALTORS's advice?  Read more

Matthew Ferrara offers ten ways to start focusing on what you can - and will - do this year to reach your success.  Read more

Where do most people enjoy the holidays? At home, in their back yards, around their fireplaces. All of which real estate professionals play a part in making special for millions of people. Whether the sun is shining or the snow is falling, REALTORS help make the holidays a little better for families around the world.

Real estate is essentially a research industry: trouble is, most agents and brokers think the most important research is about houses, prices, square footage and such. Considering the data that sits in most MLS systems – unverified and incomplete – you’d think they would know better by now. In fact, the best research for any sales industry isn’t the commodity data but the customer specs and competition capabilities. Knowing everything there is to know about the consumer – and the competitors who are trying to beat you to their door – is far more fascinating. And given the state of  Read more

A recent Businessweek article featuring Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz should be required reading for REALTORS. Its main point – that the Starbucks that told its employees “do anything you feel like” has finally met the cold reality of customer expectations. With sales dropping and stores closing, the Seattle-based giant has had to wake up and smell the coffee. Gone are the boom years, when Starbucks opened a store a week, hired “partners” not employees, and left it up to them to “organically” figure out how to pour coffee and make customers happy. Turns out that was a stupid business model.  Read more