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Why do some people and companies consistently make changes while others keep doing what they've always done - right to the bitter end? Here are four common change-barriers that come from inside ourselves.  Read more

The classic real estate model asks each person to do everything. Agents must master dozens of skills. Managers must know those, plus management ones. The results are polarized. Maybe it's time to fix an organizational design flaw in the industry.  Read more

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Let's get real - and radical - about changing the real estate market. Rather than wringing our hands about first time buyers, bankers and credit, why don't we find the clients of the future, who have something very valuable: Cash.  Read more

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Home buyers need to get over the fact that they might lose some money. So what? They do it all the time.  Read more

Saying a home is just a "little" overpriced is like saying you're just a "little" pregnant. Sellers who do it should insist on the full benefit of overpricing. And it's in their agent's best interest to help.  Read more

With record low mortgage rates and record high affordability, it’s clearly not the economic fundamentals that are holding back buyers from the marketplace. Now it’s time for creative REALTORS to address the buyers’ sense of fear.

Bold - maybe crazy - ideas for selling inventory left-over (and over-priced) from the tax-credit era. Are real estate agents brave enough to consider them?  Read more

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Matthew Ferrara explains how real estate salespeople can grow their business every day by following the low-cost and sustainable Formula of Fives.  Read more

What’s the point, after the novelty wears off, that makes social networking a viable channel to create new business? Just what is the outcome to be achieved with social networking for real estate professionals?