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Matthew does a “five minute music video version” of his Top 10 Rules for Success



Are you playing to win, or just hoping for a good hand? It’s time to up the ante on your sales success and stop trying to bluff your way to success. Matthew Ferrara uses unique photographs of Las Vegas to develop a winning sales mindset and play a different game than your competition! Combining game theory with real practices of successful salespeople, Matthew looks at how winners raise the expectations of clients in ways their competitors can’t match.

  • Playing by Your Own Rules of the Game (Setting Goals and Defining Success)
  • Better than Betting: Focusing on the Insiders that Pay Off (Sphere of Influence Selling)
  • Hit or Stay: Reading the Cards like a Pro (Demographics Drive Sales)
  • Poker Personality: Is Your Marketing Drawing a Crowd? (Storytelling and Social Media)
  • The Sky’s the Limit: Raising the Ante on the Competition (Doing What Others Can’t or Won’t)

Practical and inspirational come together to energize attendees to “draw” to the inside and make a winning hand!

“Matthew has impressed me from day one, which is why we keep asking him back. He has a rare grasp of the basics of the traditional brokerage business AND the potential for enhancement brought by interactive marketing and media. He understands that it’s about people. Matthew not only has this expertise but he’s a great teacher and presenter, mixing effective delivery of concepts with humor and examples. He’s one of the best consultants/teachers in the business today….a really special talent!”

Pam O'Connor

Leading Real Estate Companies of the World

I’ve heard Matthew Ferrara speak before and typically my head starts swimming about 5 minutes in – his knowledge in that field is incredible, to say the least.  That being said – his presentation on Thursday touched the “real-side” of our business and it was SPECTACULAR! Loved the entire presentation

Christina Tolbert

Coldwell Banker

There are simply not enough words to describe the force that Matthew Ferrara exemplifies in business. He is by any means, a prodigy, who can consult at the highest level across all aspects of business. Not only does Matthew become the voice of innovation and technology for realtors, but the advocate for deploying the fundamental skills and practices needed to be successful. Quick on his feet, creatively outstanding and fiercely loyal, Matthew is both visionary and role model within the industry.”

Rick Calanni


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