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Why ask a philosopher to talk to your sales, management or leadership team? Because something special happens when you believe what you do is a noble profession. Matthew Ferrara explores the connection between your core values and career success, and challenges audiences to tap into an incomparable commitment to excellence. Using award-winning photographs from his travels around the world, Matthew illustrates ways audiences can differentiate themselves, inspire clients and transform their work into a noble mission. Equal parts philosophy, marketing, sales and technology, the ideas in this program make for inspiring yet practical techniques for all audiences.

Matthew explores:

  • What happens to growth when you believe your profession is noble
  • Creative Value Proposition: Beyond the Specs
  • Storytelling as an Inspirational Growth and Marketing Tool
  • Forget Viral: Becoming Unforgettable to Social Sphere of Influence
  • Developing Pirates: The New Word of Mouth Leaving Advertising Behind
  • Unexpected Growth: How to Attract Attract Opportunities You Never Expected

“Matthew has impressed me from day one, which is why we keep asking him back. He has a rare grasp of the basics of the traditional brokerage business AND the potential for enhancement brought by interactive marketing and media. He understands that it’s about people. Matthew not only has this expertise but he’s a great teacher and presenter, mixing effective delivery of concepts with humor and examples. He’s one of the best consultants/teachers in the business today….a really special talent!”

Pam O'Connor

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