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Something special happens when you connect your inner beliefs with your personal creativity and organizational tools to deliver truly epic results. After twenty-five years of teaching sales and marketing, Matthew Ferrara discovered that very lesson himself, and decided to change everything. Rethink the way you prospect, create value, and delight clients with some fresh perspectives from one of the world’s most productive philosophers.

Using award-winning photographs from his travels around the world, Matthew illustrates ways audiences can differentiate themselves with better storytelling,  transform their sphere of influence into an endless source of opportunity, and swap the mentality of “leads” for a mindset of “relationships.” Equal parts philosophy, marketing, sales and technology, Matthew ignites excitement and energy with inspiring stories and practical techniques. Topics include:

  • What happens when you believe what you do matters
  • What happens on the day you “Quit” competing like everyone else
  • Learning to Do What Others Won’t to Build your Pipeline
  • Tapping Your Talents: Marketing More than Just Skills and Tools
  • Making Storytelling the Cornerstone of Inspirational Social Networking
  • Little Data, Big Emotions: Better Words, Better Videos, Best Results
  • Inspiring Pirates: Helping your Sphere of Influence Help You
  • Unexpected Growth: Attracting Opportunities You Never Expected

Whether your organization sells real estate or insurance, fragrances or automobiles, Matthew Ferrara can help your sales team connect the dots between their purpose, personal creativity and client’s delight.

“Matthew has impressed me from day one, which is why we keep asking him back. He has a rare grasp of the basics of the traditional brokerage business AND the potential for enhancement brought by interactive marketing and media. He understands that it’s about people. Matthew not only has this expertise but he’s a great teacher and presenter, mixing effective delivery of concepts with humor and examples. He’s one of the best consultants/teachers in the business today….a really special talent!”

Pam O'Connor

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