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A few years ago I was sitting in an Florence Piazza when a man walked into the center of the street and began talking. He was inspiring; he was funny; and he was talking about important things, directly into the hearts of passersby. Within moments, a crowd formed, and he spoke and we listened. I took over a hundred photographs of him. The crowd would have followed him anywhere. How did he do it?

That experience forms the basis of Renaissance Leadership, an exploration of ways leaders change the world. Taking insights from great leaders today and throughout history, Matthew explores:

  • The power of visionary stories to inspire employees and customers
  • The need for leaders to take bold steps to create a ground-breaking value in the marketplace
  • The role of the leader’s strength of character that integrates performance, ethics and passion
  • The ability to discover new patterns and think in ways that uncover new pathways to growth
  • The willingness to connect the great lessons of the past to the developments of the present and future

Renaissance Leadership a fun, engaging way to use key traits and personalities from history to show how today’s leadership challenges await our own renaissance leadership in our lives and companies.

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