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Something special happens when you connect your inner beliefs with your personal creativity and organizational tools to deliver truly epic results. After twenty-five years of teaching sales and marketing, Matthew Ferrara discovered that very lesson himself, and decided to change everything. Rethink the way you prospect, create value, and delight clients with some fresh perspectives from one of the world’s most productive philosophers.

Using award-winning photographs from his travels around the world, Matthew illustrates ways audiences can differentiate themselves with better storytelling,  transform their sphere of influence into an endless source of opportunity, and swap the mentality of “leads” for a mindset of “relationships.” Equal parts philosophy, marketing, sales and technology, Matthew ignites excitement and energy with inspiring stories and practical techniques. Topics include:

  • What happens when you believe what you do matters
  • What happens on the day you “Quit” competing like everyone else
  • Learning to Do What Others Won’t to Build your Pipeline
  • Tapping Your Talents: Marketing More than Just Skills and Tools
  • Making Storytelling the Cornerstone of Inspirational Social Networking
  • Little Data, Big Emotions: Better Words, Better Videos, Best Results
  • Inspiring Pirates: Helping your Sphere of Influence Help You
  • Unexpected Growth: Attracting Opportunities You Never Expected

Whether your organization sells real estate or insurance, fragrances or automobiles, Matthew Ferrara can help your sales team connect the dots between their purpose, personal creativity and client’s delight.

“Matthew has impressed me from day one, which is why we keep asking him back. He has a rare grasp of the basics of the traditional brokerage business AND the potential for enhancement brought by interactive marketing and media. He understands that it’s about people. Matthew not only has this expertise but he’s a great teacher and presenter, mixing effective delivery of concepts with humor and examples. He’s one of the best consultants/teachers in the business today….a really special talent!”

Pam O'Connor

Leading Real Estate Companies of the World

I’ve heard Matthew Ferrara speak before and typically my head starts swimming about 5 minutes in – his knowledge in that field is incredible, to say the least.  That being said – his presentation on Thursday touched the “real-side” of our business and it was SPECTACULAR! Loved the entire presentation

Christina Tolbert

Coldwell Banker

There are simply not enough words to describe the force that Matthew Ferrara exemplifies in business. He is by any means, a prodigy, who can consult at the highest level across all aspects of business. Not only does Matthew become the voice of innovation and technology for realtors, but the advocate for deploying the fundamental skills and practices needed to be successful. Quick on his feet, creatively outstanding and fiercely loyal, Matthew is both visionary and role model within the industry.”

Rick Calanni




A few years ago I was sitting in an Florence Piazza when a man walked into the center of the street and began talking. He was inspiring; he was funny; and he was talking about important things, directly into the hearts of passersby. Within moments, a crowd formed, and he spoke and we listened. I took over a hundred photographs of him. The crowd would have followed him anywhere. How did he do it?

That experience forms the basis of Renaissance Leadership, an exploration of ways leaders change the world. Taking insights from history, Matthew explores:

  • Telling visionary stories like Dante to inspire employees and customers.
  • Taking bold steps like Brunelleschi to solve problems and create a ground-breaking (and sky-touching) value
  • Leveraging strength of character like Luther who bucked tradition and broke-down barriers
  • Thinking like Isaac Newton to discover “patterns” that today we call “big data” pathways to growth.

Renaissance Leadership a fun, engaging way to use unique personalities from history to show how today’s leadership challenges await our own renaissance leadership in our lives and companies.


Most marketing today is meaningless drivel. Few customers want to “optimize the synergies of your ecosystem to empower their groundbreaking growth” when what they really want is “a better way to reach their goals.” Turn on the radio, flip through social media or watch a corporate promotional video and you know what we mean: it’s all Jabberwocky to us. In an era of digital marketing, words matter more than ever. That’s why Matthew created a creative writing course for sales, marketing and management professionals. Take the road less travelled and leave the quest to go viral behind.

  • The Pen is Mightier than the Keyboard: we read, write, and apply creative writing directly to marketing examples
  • An End to Selfies: Better Storytelling means never having to resort to marketing stunts to attract attention
  • Getting Personal: Learn how bios, company pages and marketing can touch the emotional side of buying and selling
  • A Product by Any Other Name: Is a Mercedes just four doors, four wheels and a tailpipe?
  • Great Expectations: Better writing meets customer’s expectations for engaging videos, sharable social media and impressive presentations

A unique combination of classical literature, modern marketing and effective multimedia will inspire sales, marketing or leadership audiences to pick up a analog pen and author their own digital success story.

Matthew does a “five minute music video version” of his Top 10 Rules for Success



Are you playing to win, or just hoping for a good hand? It’s time to up the ante on your sales success and stop trying to bluff your way to success. Matthew Ferrara uses unique photographs of Las Vegas to develop a winning sales mindset and play a different game than your competition! Combining game theory with real practices of successful salespeople, Matthew looks at how winners raise the expectations of clients in ways their competitors can’t match.

  • Playing by Your Own Rules of the Game (Setting Goals and Defining Success)
  • Better than Betting: Focusing on the Insiders that Pay Off (Sphere of Influence Selling)
  • Hit or Stay: Reading the Cards like a Pro (Demographics Drive Sales)
  • Poker Personality: Is Your Marketing Drawing a Crowd? (Storytelling and Social Media)
  • The Sky’s the Limit: Raising the Ante on the Competition (Doing What Others Can’t or Won’t)

Practical and inspirational come together to energize attendees to “draw” to the inside and make a winning hand!

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Contact Matthew about booking an event or to hold a date. He’s typically booking 3-6 months in advance, so please reach out early!

Other Program Ideas We’ve Recently Delivered

Social Media Sushi

For organizations who wants an entirely different approach to social media. Matthew Ferrara looks at the best practices in using social media to create growth and customer delight that’s not tied to costly advertising, viral noisemaking, and the never-ending quest for millions of followers. Find out how great social media is as artful as a tasteful plate of chocolate sushi in this end-the-nonsense approach to modern network marketing.

Next Gen Consumers

Matthew takes a fun and fast-paced look at the next generation of consumers, and challenges you to evaluate your unique value proposition and sales techniques from the perspectives of Gen X, Millennial and Baby Boomer consumers. Reshape your sales and marketing strategy, leverage new approaches to customer service and develop delight for the global consumer landscape of tomorrow.


Great organizations don’t compete on price, features or technology. They create and leverage trust. Matthew outlines best practices for developing trust with customers, plus ways to make trust the ultimate core value inside and outside of any organization. The ultimate currency for growth-minded companies isn’t marketing or market share: It’s trust.


Is your company losing the war on talent for today’s best people, or is it so magnetic, there’s a waiting list of eligible talent? Matthew takes a look at what it takes to build a company worth working for in growth industries like technology, healthcare, real estate and finance.

When in Rome!

Are your people ready to go global? Do they know how to engage international clients from marketing to first impressions to closing the deal? Matthew delivers a scenario-based session that gets your people kissing, bowing and shaking hands in real-life situations for multi-national organizations.

Management: The Competitive Frontier

A high-performing management team is the key to unlocking the potential of your organization. Matthew’s one, two and 4-day workshops use scenario-based experiences to help managers and leaders develop skills like emotional intelligence, change management, coaching techniques and communications skills to reach the competitive frontier with management talent.

After twenty-five years in the business, I have created a lot of programs, from special keynotes to retreats and creativity workshops. Just tell me what you have in mind and I’ll put my experience to work to create the right experience. Here are a few things I’ve done:
  • Strategic Planning and Innovation Workshops
  • Instructor Development and Training Techniques
  • Management, Coaching, Situational Leadership and Recruiting Skills
  • Marketing Programs on social media, video marketing, and influence networking
  • Global Sales Skills, Customs and Norms
  • Sales, Prospecting, Negotiation and Presentation skills
  • Photography and Creative Writing Workshops
  • Customer Service Skills

Contact Matthew about booking an event:

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