Matthew Ferrara, Philosopher

WebTV Online Workshops

Bring Matthew’s workshops directly into your company at an incredibly affordable price with exclusive WebTV solution.

Unlike most webinars, which are dull slideshows with disembodied voices, WebTV is high quality interactive television beamed directly into your office. Enjoy live, virtual workshops with Matthew that capture his strategies, humor and motivation. Energize your company events and sales meetings by offering WebTV sessions multiple times a year for less than the cost of one onsite workshop. Now that’s our idea of what online training should do for business!

Why choose a WebTV session?

  • Lower cost than an on-site workshop
  • Perfect for shorter meeting lengths
  • More flexible time and date availability
  • No travel or hotel fees
  • Reaches multiple offices or individuals to maximize attendance
  • Free recording of your event, to replay at your convenience

Get more Matthew with WebTV!

For more information, contact us today. We’ll even arrange a live demonstration so you can see just how powerful WebTV really can be for your company.


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