Matthew Ferrara, Philosopher

Social Media Sushi

It’s time to rethink what you’re doing with social media.

Have you ever enjoyed the perfect plate of sushi?

It’s an experience – artful, delightful, satisfying – and most of all, it leaves you wanting more. Matthew Ferrara thinks social media should be like that, too. That’s why he challenges you to rethink your strategy about social networking, and forget all the hype you’ve heard until now. It doesn’t matter which network you use, or how many fans and friends you have: Great social networking only results when you remember there’s a single person on the other side of your screen.

Matthew rethinks what it means to socialize online, such as:

  • Why it only takes 150 connections to create an amazing social network experience
  • How to avoid damaging your most important relationships with advertising, sales activities and self promotion
  • What kinds of social interactions do people find meaningful and desirable from someone they will encounter every day
  • Effective ways to engage your followers and get people talking to you, not just about you
  • Listening techniques that turn social networks into intelligence networks
  • Escaping the false concepts of “always on” and “endless content creation”
  • Keeping social networks about people, not products or production

And, of course, Matthew will explain how a successful social media strategy is like a great plate of sushi!