Matthew Ferrara, Philosopher

Consumers, The Next Generation

Consumers, the Next Generation prepares sales organizations for the next generation of buyers and sellers who are turning “old ways” of sales upside down. This session closes the gap between today’s Baby Boomer-based ┬ásystems and the expectations of Gen X and Gen Y consumers of tomorrow.

We start with the question: How do Gen X and Gen Y buyers live, work, play, learn and buy goods and services?

To discover the answers, we look at how today’s best companies are engaging consumers and examine their lessons:

  • Evaluate the mindset of today’s salesperson and their prospective clients
  • Identify a transition from “lion chases zebra” to “lion hugs zebra” sales philosophy
  • Focus on competing for customer attention span in a noisy marketplace
  • Examine how modern consumers grew up, and expected the world to “be” today
  • Apply science fiction metaphors to determine how to modify our approach in the future
  • Apply these strategies to new technologies like mobile, social media and relationship management

Consumers, TNG is a funny, fast-paced look at ourselves, our customers and the opportunities to grow our approach to creating value no matter what we sell. Companies and individuals who are ready to grow their business can start by reshaping their sales techniques for the next generation of customers with this workshop today.