Matthew Ferrara, Philosopher


The traditional thinking on building a sales team is broken. It’s time for a new philosophy.

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Is there a line of people outside your company’s door, waiting to come work for you? 

You might not think that’s possible, but it most certainly is. Great companies don’t build their sales teams by giving away commissions, putting up with poor performance, or worrying every night that their star performer will go work for someone else because you asked them to attend the company meetings.

It’s time for a new philosophy of creating a sales organization. Because you deserve to build a great company. And your customers deserve a great experience. Matthew Ferrara will share the Five Factors that Selective Companies have used around the world to redesign their salesforce growth program. He’ll explain how a culturally-consistent strategy attracts salespeople, managers, staff and even clients. And he’ll teach you how to approach talent management just like a highly-selective sports teams or elite school.

Matthew thinks:

  • The best sales teams are born out of candidate selectivity not volume
  • Smart companies don’t recruit their next candidate until their existing team is performing at optimal production levels
  • The most valuable asset you can offer salespeople is culture, not compensation
  • Companies that work from their strengths create institutional excellence for every salesperson’s career
  • The best organizations make it hard to qualify, apply and pass the interview process at their company
  • The best interviews are conducted in twenty minutes or less

Most importantly, Matthew Ferrara believes it’s time you stepped off the “always recruiting” wheel and focused on managing your sales team and delighting customers. But that will only happen is you change your thinking about what it means to grow your sales force, first.

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