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I came across this post I made earlier this year on Facebook, and thought it worthy of sharing again. As each of us looks ahead at our careers and lives, we find ourselves periodically asking, “What am I doing?”

Is my work noble? Am I making the contribution I was supposed to be making? Do I love the opportunity of what I do more than the trouble it takes to do it? These questions matter, whether you own your own business, or you’re putting in your best work at a company you love.

Work is easy. Doing something that matters is hard. Perhaps my small reflection on why I travel 200,000-plus miles around the world each year, to speak to many (and sometimes just one) will be a little help reminding you that what you do every day should matter most of all: To you.

– Matthew

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From Facebook, October 2014:

Why I speak.

Many people ask why I’ve spent my career on the road, traveling the world, speaking in front of audiences. Are the trade-offs really worth it? For me it all comes down to a few moments every time. Like this one, yesterday.

My topic yesterday focused on our deep inner beliefs about success, of sales as a noble profession, and our desire to reach our goals. We explored how we talk about ourselves, how we express our personal value proposition, and how we give value before we ask for value from others. At times we were reflective, other times we listened to each other. And of course along the way we laughed a lot!

At the end of the program many kind people came over and shook my hand and told me they appreciated it and enjoyed it. I got lots of hugs and smiling faces. And then there was that very special moment. It only happens once in a while, and that’s when I know I was meant to be there that day.

One of the attendees came over to me quietly and said simply: I almost didn’t attend today. I have been planning to leave the business after many many years. I really didn’t think I could do it any more. But after hearing you challenge me to look deep inside, tap into my inner strengths, and visualize the success I want to achieve, I feel motivated and excited again! I’m not going to quit. I’m going to make next year my best year ever!

We both had a tear in our eyes, but a smile on our faces.

That is why I speak.

Here’s to all of us who speak, in our offices or on the road, sharing ideas and challenging others to reach their goals. And to everyone who does what they love, every day. Don’t stop. Sometimes it gets hard. But every so often you’ll get those quiet moments that speak louder than standing ovations.

Be well.
Keep doing good.




To all of the friends I’ve made around the world, thank you. If only a collage could be made with you all!