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When was the last time a product or service made you shout with joy?

My car’s all-wheel-drive system grabbing the road, keeping me on track at high speeds going around the off ramp!

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Think back to the last time you used a really great product or service. Perhaps it was your first encounter with an iPod, which buried forever the notion that you’d click a fast-forward button or insert a compact disc. Maybe it was sliding open a new smartphone cell phone that caused your face to light up. For me, it was the all-wheel-drive system on my Acura.

The day started out rainy and gray, but I was determined not to let it wear me down. Even in light drizzle, I opened the sunroof and blasted the radio, and pushed the throttle to a fun-even-without-the-sun pace. The Acura is one heck of a ride, so much fun, that you frequently look at the side mirrors to see if it has wings. Of course, with that kind of power, it’s a good thing the nav reminds you your exit is coming up a quarter of a mile early. Especially when I’m driving at Star-Trek speeds. No matter, however, because even if you hit the exit curve at a “you’re gonna be in trouble” speed, the all-wheel drive system grabs you, and holds you around the bend as if you were locked into a roller coaster.

It was one of those product moments that makes you yell, “That’s (Bleeping) Awesome!”

When was the last time one of your customers said that about your products or services?

Yes, I’m sure you have lots of surveys that say customers rank you highly. Some customers claim they’d refer you to a friend. But do they? Do your customers only “like” your service, meekly clicking a button on your social network page?

Or do your customers yell out, “That was (Bleeping) awesome!” every time they enjoy your products and services?

Too many businesses are just getting by when it comes to energetic customer delight. Their websites are good, but not great. Their product information is better than ever, but always just a little bit inaccurate or out of date. And when we meet their people in person – at their offices or in our homes – well, the experience is often merely “just good enough.”

When “good enough” is the norm, there’s a huge opportunity out there for someone really smart. Could it be you?

To be sure, there are some exceptional people, companies and services out there. But still too few. That’s a market vacuum, that enterprising individuals and organizations should fill, and fast. While everyone else remains stuck in the Age of Mediocrity, the coolest, bestest, fastest, neatest, most exciting things in the business are open anyone bold enough to give just a little bit more.

To become (bleeping) unbelievable!

Imagine if we redirected the time wasted on dull and mediocre activities into only doing a few things in a Bleeping Awesome manner! Let’s eliminate wasted office meetings, uncooperative customers, and self-aggrandizing web marketing. Even if we cut out 10% of the junk we do at junk-performance levels, we’d have a big chunk of time to focus on making consumers scream, “Wow, that was Bleeping Awesome!”

It’s easier than you think: Try to remember the last time a product or service caught your breath. Made you smile. Laugh out loud. Getting fast service in the fast food lane. Your flight leaving on time. A timely, positive response to your internet inquiry to a real estate agent. That’s a start.

But they aren’t quite the Bleeping Awesome experience yet.

Some of us have given up on that effort these days. We’re locked into just “keeping the lights on” or getting through the month. Even with our feet out stiff, we’re slowly sliding back. Once you stop striving to move forward, there is only one place to go. Going forward and creating an awesome experience will require Bleeping courage, perhaps. Yet there’s no better time than today to do it.

Put on your creative hat and ask how you could bring in some bleeping-awesome to your company. Ritz Carlton makes it happen one way; Godiva does it another. Your way may not ever look like theirs, but you will know the experience when you create it.

The future of great customer experiences shouldn’t depend upon business cycles or cash flows. Plenty of people are always buying, always selling. Delighted customers come from delivering delightful experiences in any market.

How will you create an experience that gets your customers yelling, “That was Bleeping Awesome!” ?