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[VIDEO] The Best Real Estate Property Video Ever

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Forget the fish-eye lens and the muzak. This video has set the bar so high for video marketing, the classic “room-by-room” virtual tour won’t ever catch up. See it!

When is marketing not marketing. When you use video to do the work of text. That, unfortunately, is how most real estate agents are using video marketing for their websites: essentially “spoken word” room-by-room tours of the property. With, of course, the obligatory toilet shot.

Most real estate property videos are simply awful.

We’ve been encouraging real estate agents to use video for years. We killed slideshows in 2010, offered some examples of creative video in 2011, and even recorded a 45-minute WebTV broadcast on great video techniques for you to follow. Needless to say, we love video. But the challenge is no longer what cameras to buy, how to light the scene or how to use YouTube.

The next big challenge in using video to sell properties is learning to tell a story.

It’s time to stop narrating tours of the properties and start telling the story of their unique value propositions. That’s how commercials work on TV. In thirty seconds, you have to tell the viewer how she’ll be smarter, faster, thinner, sexier, richer or simply better for buying your product. You don’t pop the hood of the car commercial, but watch it zoom down the road. Technology commercials don’t mention how many ports on the television or buttons on the remote: they show stunning movies to a stunned family in their stunning home theater. Even Viagra commercials don’t show the product “in action” (ahem) but certainly convey the benefits of their product.

All of which has been missing in most real estate property videos online until now. Oh, sure, there have been the compelling scripts, filled with nonsense words like luxurious, spacious, charming. About as useless when spoken on video as they are when written. Then there’s the crazy camera shots – at pet level, thru doorways, spinning around in circles. But even if the video is shot sensibly, and the script is written well, the real killer in real estate videos has been the sole focus on the specifications of the property. As we wrote years ago, it’s like selling the Mona Lisa by pointing out her eyes, her nose, and her mouth.

Mr. Potato-head video marketing must end!

How to do it then? Simple. Watch this video. It’s the embodiment of the easiest but most effective marketing technique: Find a single, compelling proposition about your product, and draw as much attention to it as possible. Sell the benefit, not the specs. Sell the outcome, not the parts. Sell the desire, not the square footage. Oh, you get the idea.

Without further ado, here’s what unquestionably is the most wonderful, smart and effective real estate property marketing video I’ve ever seen. It has raised the bar for real estate marketers world wide. After you watch it, you’ll have to agree: your slide show with muzak makes you look like a wally. 

  • eProAgi

    Brings a whole new meaning to real estate video marketing ~

  • You bet! Totally destroys the “narrate the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen” baseline!

  • This is a nice video and, yes, it tells a story reinforced by the spoken tagline at the end.  It catches our attention (very pretty naked people!) and the house is gorgeous. The price is also gorgeous and if I sold in this high-end, exclusive niche, I might have the financial resources to produce a extremely scaled down version.

    I get the larger point about telling a story but I’d like to know how to a) do it and b) afford it with homes built in the mid-20th Century at a price point well below half a million dollars.

    I can justify a Virtual Tour company photographer coming out but spending thousands for a nice “mini-movie”??? On a 1970’s split level 50 feet from the neighboring 1970’s Rambler with the Weber grill on the concrete patio?

    Maybe I’m cheap. Maybe I’m not “creative” enough. Maybe I just need to figure out how to afford and make “mini-movies” for my $250,000 listings.

  • Not good for a real estate in USA, in my opinion. 

  • Too bad you don’t like it, Mike. I think it’s brilliant.

  • Ken:
    All great questions. And all very answerable. Our friend Martha Webb who wrote the Certified Home Marketing Specialist teaches this very approach; and we have a few training videos on the same methodology – at perhaps a “local production” level – in our classes. Don’t worry that you can’t do the production “level” but use this as a “template” for what is possible if you get away from simply “reporting the room dimensions” in property marketing.

  • SDemetric

    While you’re not showing “under the hood” nuts and bolts, this video is about a naked butt, not the property.  As a potential buyer, this may be nice eye candy, but it doesn’t help me learn about the HOUSE, which is what I’m interested in, not some lame story.  This is really about getting clicks, not buyers.  It only takes ONE buyer and it won’t happen because of some gratuitous nudity which has nothing to do with THE HOUSE.    I think if you as a real buyer, they will find these types of “story” videos don’t really give them what they are seeking – INFORMATION ABOUT THE HOUSE.  

  • Laura Benson

    LOVE IT!  Wish I could post to FB.  Probably have to include the NSFW disclaimer :>)

  • Mike, if I sold $2.2M listings on a regular basis, I would definitely use naked people and professional cinematography. 

    The real challenge I see with this particular video is that it really isn’t the practical reality for most people. As I mentioned in my comment above, my listings are more, er, modest both in price and style.

    I think the target audience for this type of home would eat this up.

  • Asilva

    I think,in the U.S,we would use models with a little more clothing,or videos would be rated “PG”.
    Kinda distracting from home features,but definitely,holds your attention through entire ad.Thinking it would be expensive to hire models…would be great to have a celebrity or musician introduce the home video

  • Debbie Mae Kershaw

    The best video I’ve ever seen – I’m actively looking for volunteers for this great house I have in Maine- Perhaps a Moose strolling through the yard. I get the idea, and I absolutly love it – Brillant!

  • Frances Flynn Thorsen

    You make excellent points, Matt. This is a superb video production.

    I agree that marketing is all about THE STORY.  The story arc is the missing piece of most real estate videos.  New media gives real estate agents tools to build a story and weave it with blogs, email campaigns, videos, and branding.

    Story telling is the way wisdom and information have been shared throughout history. 

    This video is stunning on many levels. Nice job!

  • Michael Pelz

    This is not even close to the best work out there fyi . They have done much better stuff then this and I am kinda in awe you are just posting these kinds of vids now when they have been around for some time now, over a yr or more. And claiming it to be the best video ever tisk tisk. I thought you were the next generation etc? Hard to believe when your just coming into the light of this style of marketing now when its been out for ages.

  • Michael:

    Perhaps you suggest some better videos for us to look at? We always love to see creative stuff.

  • Mike Thornburg

    Most fun we’ve had in the office this week.  Thanks for the mid-week boost!

  • That’s awesome!!
    Glad to help!

  • Matt, their videos are great! The one the did for 16 Qeen Anne Court: was really cool and obviously does not have a bare bones budget 🙂

  • Ken

    I showed this to a few of my Realtor clients and 2 of them already want to create a similar type video that tells a story of the home. But it will have to be clothed since we are located in the South  😉

  • That’s great news. Clothing or not, it’s great to hear they want to get really creative with their approach!
    —– Reply message —–

  • Matt,

    if sort of funny you just posted this video….because we have been talking about all the videos done by these guys.  This one might be one of the “tamer” ones, but is probably their best effort in telling a story.

    We have been doing HD videos recently.  They are difficult and take lot of effort.  We are  trying to move in the directions of story telling and hopefully our efforts will improve.  Here are two examples:

    The end result, if you are committed to it, the video you create will just keep getting better.

  • Thanks for your email. I checked out your video on Atlantic Drive – very nicely done! You’ve taken to heart the concept of telling story, appealing to emotions, capturing attention.

  • Matt – I really like the video. Do you think there’s a version with the guy passed out on the couch and the female doing her exercises, going for a swim and making coffee? Just sayin’ 🙂

  • Ha ha ha! I think that one would be the “Prudish” American version (considering how many agents were “offended” by this video when I posted it!) LOL

  • C21Pro

    The problem here is that I watched the entire video and after I couldnt tell you what the house looked like 🙂

  • Yes, but when you watched it the second time, I bet you got a better picture… right? GRIN

  • guest

    What is the song in this video?

  • Ha ha ha!

  • Loved it, brilliant idea. Of course we all don’t have the resources for such a high quality production but Realtors are creative and we will find the ways to tell the “story” of our listings. I can see it now …. kids playing with toys in the family room … the dog running after a toy in the yard … the husband holding the door for his wife as they leave for a date … the family doing homework at the kitchen bar while Mom cooks diner … on and on, the ideas are endless. Love it.

  • Deborah Wade

    It reminds me of a statement made by David Brinkley –  don’t report what the audience is seeing.  Tell them something they don’t know!

  • Liza Mendez

    Loved it!

  • Anonymous

    It is brilliant marketing. Look at the ads that VW used when
    they introduced the new Beetle, entertaining and said nothing really about the
    car. It was the experiences you might enjoy by owning one!. While this video may
    be a bit too sexy for 99.99% of all property and perhaps for some US viewers to
    appreciate, it does provide the “glue”, and sexiness just that, to keep you
    watching to the end.  I did come across a
    similar video (no nudity) from a California agent who beautifully showcased a
    property as the owner went about returning home following a hard day at work. You
    could not help but notice all the amenities as he “tours” the home and it ends
    with him retrieving a bottle from his expansive wine cooler then proceeds
    trough the living room with its wall of glass and out to the deck to enjoy the
    sun setting. Aaaa life is good.

  • John Barnes

    What a surprize!  Who could have guessed where this was going and who will ever forget this marking for real estate?  Most beautiful photography in the world.

  • Bob Gilbert

    I normally value your opinion and love reading your posts but I have to disagree on this one.  I do agree that the simple moving picture slide shows are a waste of time and I do agree that videos similar to this are far, far better.  I will also agree that the video is very well made. I don’t, however, relish the thought of looking at some naked guy walking around.  I would never, ever recommend this video to a client of mine.  The concept is good, the execution is not.

  • Bob
    I hear what you’re saying. My only suggestion is to look beyond the naked man to the messaging and emotions and attention grabbing aspects.. still a lot of learning to be had! Thanks for your comments and stopping by!
    —– Reply message —–

  • Catierolseni

     About the naked guy…I don’t see many complaints by the ladies :O) I’m a lady and I loved this ad. If I had not been intrigued, I would have hit the back button immediately. But, I saw something I liked and I followed it to the end. I’m not into the “straight, clean lines” of modern architect or furnishings, I prefer the traditional style and flair, but if I had  had $2.2 million lying around, I would have called for a showing of this house (for the morning at coffee time, of course) because I did see myself walking around ‘al fresco’, enjoying that privacy.
    I think times are definitely changing and marketing of any service or product will have to accommodate or be left way behind. I’m getting ready to sell my house and I will absolutely find out more about this new way of marketing. If my realtor refuses, is scared or brings up any excuses or obstacles, I would have to replace him with someone more progressive. I believe that the money issue is just a nay sayer’s way of saying “I have no creative ideas and I’m scared.”

  • J Kuper

    This post inspired me to change the way we do property videos in our market.  Our area is filled with Agent interview style videos that typically receive negative feedback from clients.  We shot this video ( recently and are having good success with it.  There aren’t any naked people in it but I think it gets the job done.  I would appreciate opinions.  Matthew:  thanks for the good ideas!

  • Wow! I really like your video. A great idea – panning through the rooms. If I had to make any suggestion, it would be to go a little slower – because with the pan/lens effect, the speed is a tiny bit fast. But quite well done, and very good use of light (especially the sunlight). Bravo!!! I can’t wait to see more from you!
    — Matthew

  • Nancy Elms

    This was produced by Sotheby’s in Atlanta Matthew. Thoughts?

  • Nicely done!!

  • Luke Wall

    Bob: Check out this short video produced by The VSI Group in Atlanta ( I think this video has the aspects Matthew is talking about: emotional connection, attention grabbing aspects, human element. What do you think of this video as an option for your home owners?

  • Andrew Mooers

    Video breathes life into the local area events, the property listings in that market. The long distance buyer who is hedging on whether it is worth the trip or not just eliminated that stumbler with your video. Folks used to more expensive property listings in their market suddenly are kid in a candy store jump up and down excited because of your video presence. Use the eyes and ears, two senses more memorable than one.

  • Very creative, keeps the audience engaged