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Forget the fish-eye lens and the muzak. This video has set the bar so high for video marketing, the classic “room-by-room” virtual tour won’t ever catch up. See it!

When is marketing not marketing. When you use video to do the work of text. That, unfortunately, is how most real estate agents are using video marketing for their websites: essentially “spoken word” room-by-room tours of the property. With, of course, the obligatory toilet shot.

Most real estate property videos are simply awful.

We’ve been encouraging real estate agents to use video for years. We killed slideshows in 2010, offered some examples of creative video in 2011, and even recorded a 45-minute WebTV broadcast on great video techniques for you to follow. Needless to say, we love video. But the challenge is no longer what cameras to buy, how to light the scene or how to use YouTube.

The next big challenge in using video to sell properties is learning to tell a story.

It’s time to stop narrating tours of the properties and start telling the story of their unique value propositions. That’s how commercials work on TV. In thirty seconds, you have to tell the viewer how she’ll be smarter, faster, thinner, sexier, richer or simply better for buying your product. You don’t pop the hood of the car commercial, but watch it zoom down the road. Technology commercials don’t mention how many ports on the television or buttons on the remote: they show stunning movies to a stunned family in their stunning home theater. Even Viagra commercials don’t show the product “in action” (ahem) but certainly convey the benefits of their product.

All of which has been missing in most real estate property videos online until now. Oh, sure, there have been the compelling scripts, filled with nonsense words like luxurious, spacious, charming. About as useless when spoken on video as they are when written. Then there’s the crazy camera shots – at pet level, thru doorways, spinning around in circles. But even if the video is shot sensibly, and the script is written well, the real killer in real estate videos has been the sole focus on the specifications of the property. As we wrote years ago, it’s like selling the Mona Lisa by pointing out her eyes, her nose, and her mouth.

Mr. Potato-head video marketing must end!

How to do it then? Simple. Watch this video. It’s the embodiment of the easiest but most effective marketing technique: Find a single, compelling proposition about your product, and draw as much attention to it as possible. Sell the benefit, not the specs. Sell the outcome, not the parts. Sell the desire, not the square footage. Oh, you get the idea.

Without further ado, here’s what unquestionably is the most wonderful, smart and effective real estate property marketing video I’ve ever seen. It has raised the bar for real estate marketers world wide. After you watch it, you’ll have to agree: your slide show with muzak makes you look like a wally.