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When unlocks our potential and inspires others, we take notice and applaud. When it’s missing, we’re left with a silent, empty gap.

This video clip, from a recent presentation of Renaissance Leadership, summarizes the five high level jobs of leadership. Whether you’re leading yourself or your providing guidance to others, these behaviors form the basis of the momentum that people need to implement the mission of their organization and their careers. As I’ve said on other pages here:

“Leadership isn’t about driving your people to accept your ideas. It’s about empowering them to make your way their way. Leadership doesn’t push people to do new things, but shepherds them to break through on their own. To lead starts with articulating a vision and inviting others to take the journey with you. Leaders set the course and ensure the resources of the organization support the efforts of their people. [We are at our] best when constantly refining the process to maximize the labor of every person, to make every ounce of their contribution count.”

Recently, I sat with some real estate brokers who are improving their , and struggling with major issues in their business, like attracting new talent, defending their brands from third-party disintermediation, and creating market demand in consumers who are cautious amidst economic, social and political uncertainty. After overcoming the initial tendency to look for marketing or technology quick-fixes to these challenges, we explored ways that leadership provide a solution. To attract talent, they could inspire others with their vision, attract talent by outlining the benefits of their values, and energize consumer demand by promoting the nobility of their industry, not just the transactionality of it.

Imagine a group of leaders getting up from a table ready to talk about vision, values, and nobility of mission.

I was already applauding. I have a feeling the market will, too!