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Matthew Ferrara, Philosopher

Matthew Ferrara talks Innovation with Kelly Mitchell

Matthew Ferrara shares some radical innovation ideas with Kelly Mitchell of Agent Caffeine, and Matthew, as he explores the opportunities for the real estate industry. Forget about apps and gadgets, Matthew sets his sights on major changes that could occur, such as rewriting the way MLS works, driving down days-on-market, radically reducing the price of a transaction, and rethinking the way brokers and agents are connected through agency relationships. Bold, exciting, and certainly not your usual fluff when it comes to “innovation” in the real estate industry.

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Video courtesy of Agent Caffeine. For more interviews from them, please visit http://www.youtube.com/user/HawaiiRealty 

  • Michael Donovan

    The result of the easy entry to the real estate profession allows people to become Agents when they really shouldn’t. The low cost of keeping non-producing Agents, allows Brokers to pay little attention to training Agents to say, “No.” Ironically, the Broker needed to start the process by saying “NO” to affiliating the Agent who may lack talent.