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Two Video Marketing Success Stories in One!

If you haven’t put in the center of your strategy yet, this video will definitely motivate you. It’s a perfect example of what happens when you try new ways to capture the consumer’s attention. Enjoy!

Nothing brings us more joy – or makes us more proud – than seeing our clients try a new idea we suggested, and hit a home run. That’s what you’ll see in this video by Coldwell Banker San Juan Islands Real Estate. They recently attended our workshop where we challenged attendees to position video at the center of their future marketing strategy, because consumers are watching internet video at explosive rates.

So this group went back, picked up a camera and shot this:

Let’s make a quick list of why this video is a winnner:

  • It’s not over produced; it’s lightly scripted, rehearsed just enough to be good but not stuffy; and it’s edited simply, without undue special effects or music.
  • You can relate to it: the people in it talk to you, look at you, and smile.
  • It uses humor! Clearly this was inspired by the Old Spice Guy commercial we use as an example of how-to-engage-viewers in class.
  • You don’t feel like it’s an advertisement; more of a story, with some anticipation of “what will they do next” that keeps your attention for more than three minutes.

Perhaps best of all, however, is what the video did behind the scenes. We all know that real estate has been through some tough times; many agents, managers and leaders have struggled to maintain their careers, let alone their morale. So when Merri Ann Simonson, the Managing Broker, sent me an email with the link to the video, it was wonderful to read how the video project had brought her agents together, sparked their creativity and boosted morale.

As she wrote, “I would recommend the experience to other brokerage firms.  Please feel free to share my comments as the team building was an unexpected but great result.”

So, take Merri Ann’s advice: Get out the camera; get creative; and get your company back in the game! Congratulations to Coldwell Banker San Juan Islands for taking a new idea and discovering not only how video will be great for consumers, but great for their company as well.

So, what’s your video success story? Post it in the comments so we can enjoy your success, too!

  • I can appreciate the huge effort to make that video…. they almost lost my interest in 30 seconds but I’m glad I hung in there and watched the whole thing… it was funny.

    Here’s my video effort…. a behind the scenes look at an Open House…..     It was fun to make but took over 8 hours to produce and edit.   The house has since sold, but I can NOT attribute that to the video. 

    I’m still skeptical on the effectiveness of this type of video versus the effort, but that’s my nature.   

    Joe Montenigro
    REMAX Home Team

  • Ken

    I’ve been doing home video tours for the last 2 years. My agents LOVE them as do the buyers. Many of my agents sell the home I create tours for in 2 weeks time or less. One that I did last week had been on the market for 6 months. One day after the tour was uploaded to and MLS it was under contract. The buyers said they came because they loved the video. Here’s a sample:

    More samples, including Realtor Promo videos can be seen on my website. Take a look, it may give you some ideas. But just know that this was not done on a flip phone. I have over $15,000 invested in camera, steadicam, tripods, computers, editing software and database development. It’s too big an investment for a Realtor, both money and time. But for the price it’s well worth the investment and the clients it brings you. One of my clients gives free video tours, free home staging consultation and a free moving van as part of their marketing strategy. They are swamped with buyers and sellers.