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Which will you choose as you move ahead?

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Here are four opportunities we’re seeing smart companies pursuing around the world:

  • Optimism is creating momentum amongst leading sales organizations. Even with strong headwinds, success is always more psychological than economic: We create what we believe we deserve. Groups that are making progress are focusing on the positives, and working around negatives in the market.
  • Video marketing continues to soar across all sales industries, especially real estate and online retail. Smart salespeople are creating professional, high-qiality video stories that engage consumers and drive traffic. In 2013, expect the digital divide to be a “video” marketing story.
  • Mobile technology, while expanding, presents some unique challenges to companies. New responsive-design web site programming is opening up options for app developers, but the most important opportunity for leveraging mobile is teaching salespeople to integrate them into the sales proces. Remember, automated paperwork only matters if you make a sale first.
  • Finally, we think 2013 is going to be the year of the “Manager” – or more importantly, “management.” We’re seeing lots of experiments with outcome-based techniques, strengths-based assignment of managers, and highly accountable standards. Organizations who focus on management development in the next couple of years will raise the bar significantly on competition.

It’s not a race; it’s a choice. Do each, eventually, but focus on one at a time. Success will depend upon how thoroughly and carefully you walk down any of these paths. The good news is that they criss-cross often enough that you’ll have a chance to switch lanes later down the road.

What other opportunities are you seeing in your industry? We’d love to hear!