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Forget the gurus and experts. Don’t look at the research. Delete all the e-books. If you don’t want to sell homes using social media, I’m sure these successful real estate agents won’t mind one bit.

Just when you thought the flat-earthers had finally come around, there’s a ready-made group of doubters to fill the vacuum in the universe of non-believers. No, it’s not the Pope, whom you’d expect to be obstinate and dogmatic: He’s got six Twitter accounts. No, it’s not Betty White, whose generation walked up-hill, both ways, in the snow, without shoes to school every day: She’s got a quarter of a million fans on her page. Alas, the freshest supply of don’t-wannas comes from the real estate industry, at a time when they clearly could use any fresh ideas to help the market recover.

For starters, consider this “letter to the editor” from this month’s REALTOR Magazine (a print magazine, but I read it online, for endless useful screen captures :>)

realtor magazine social media doubter

Which made me wonder just what the Editor-in-Chief might have had to say in the last edition. Turns out:

realtor magazine editor's comments

Within a larger context – should a REALTOR have 5000 friends? – the point is fine, if simplistic. You can’t “socially” network with a group that large. But a group of 500? Why not? Haven’t real estate training courses offered within the REALTOR universe focused agents on creating great big databases they could send hundreds of postcards to every month? No mention as to whether you can create friendships by postcards. We’ll leave that to you to decide.

But rather than offer counter arguments, data, dollars or facts, this blog post is simply going to conclude with a some “letters to our editor” (us) on our blog and Facebook page from REALTORS who apparently gave social network selling a try. And, wonder of wonders, it appears it might actually work. Of course, don’t expect to see these quoted in next month’s REALTOR Magazine: Most of these agents don’t read magazines any more.

Enjoy! (And please, add your own success stories to our comments!)

facebook success story

facebook success story 5

facebook success 3

facebook success 1

facebook success 2