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Can social media really sell homes?

Forget the gurus and experts. Don’t look at the research. Delete all the e-books. If you don’t want to sell homes using social media, I’m sure these successful real estate agents won’t mind one bit.

Just when you thought the flat-earthers had finally come around, there’s a ready-made group of doubters to fill the vacuum in the universe of non-believers. No, it’s not the Pope, whom you’d expect to be obstinate and dogmatic: He’s got six Twitter accounts. No, it’s not Betty White, whose generation walked up-hill, both ways, in the snow, without shoes to school every day: She’s got a quarter of a million fans on her page. Alas, the freshest supply of don’t-wannas comes from the real estate industry, at a time when they clearly could use any fresh ideas to help the market recover.

For starters, consider this “letter to the editor” from this month’s REALTOR Magazine (a print magazine, but I read it online, for endless useful screen captures :>)

realtor magazine social media doubter

Which made me wonder just what the Editor-in-Chief might have had to say in the last edition. Turns out:

realtor magazine editor's comments

Within a larger context – should a REALTOR have 5000 friends? – the point is fine, if simplistic. You can’t “socially” network with a group that large. But a group of 500? Why not? Haven’t real estate training courses offered within the REALTOR universe focused agents on creating great big databases they could send hundreds of postcards to every month? No mention as to whether you can create friendships by postcards. We’ll leave that to you to decide.

But rather than offer counter arguments, data, dollars or facts, this blog post is simply going to conclude with a some “letters to our editor” (us) on our blog and Facebook page from REALTORS who apparently gave social network selling a try. And, wonder of wonders, it appears it might actually work. Of course, don’t expect to see these quoted in next month’s REALTOR Magazine: Most of these agents don’t read magazines any more.

Enjoy! (And please, add your own success stories to our comments!)

facebook success story

facebook success story 5

facebook success 3

facebook success 1

facebook success 2

  • Love this post Matt. I think I could go back, through the course of my 25 year RE career, and find numerous examples of resistant to change by our community. Change isn’t easy for many, but change is how good things and progress happens and evolves. Our industry should be looking forward as many of the most successful businesses of today are doing and embrace the “groundswell”. As you pointed out, social marketing isn’t just for the “kids” it’s for everyone who is interested in making connections and nurturing relationships. Now at our disposal we have facebook, twitter and blogging are tools that are waiting for us to use and use effectively.
    You’re not going to sell a house necessarily on these platforms, but one does have an opportunity to demonstrate one’s willingness to share expertise, valuable/ helpful RE information and build relationships.
    Makes perfect sense to me. I am very disappointed in those leaders in our industry who are unwilling to help agents empower themselves and build their businesses with the very tools that are empowering so many professionals today.

    Lois Ardito, principal
    Avenue 3 Real Estate, LLC

  • Lois:

    Thanks for your comment. I will say it has been the most puzzling aspect of my 21+ years in real estate training and consulting: resistance to change is usual, but sometimes the persistence of the resistance is stunning in our industry. Long after the case has been made, the proof has been delivered, there are still plenty of people who struggle to find a way to get onboard. Maybe that’s not too unlike the rest of life, but one might think that, in absence of better results, there’d be a greater seeking of new ideas and techniques, not distrust of them.

    Anyway, it’s part of what makes our business so interesting, I guess!

    Keep up the good work!

  • You’r right..

  • Matt, I wrote the cover story for the March issue of REALTOR® Magazine. Stacie’s comments reflect my own in that social networks can be a tremendous tool or a massive waste of time. It’s all in how you use them.

  • I guess its no different than anything else: same holds for phone calls, open houses, showing, etc. I just can’t understand the hostility that social networking gets, while other equally “mis -applied” techniques are afforded our unquestioning loyalty….. ”


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