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As the U.S. real estate market experiences a bounce, many of the dollars pushing the market higher come from Asia. Good thing consumers in the region are such strong social media users. Check out these stats!

If you’re trying to grow your international business, then one of the best channels to reach new – and far away – markets is social media. Not only is it cost-effective, but it offers instant engagement and feedback, so you can refine your strategy in real time. Of course, it’s all made possible by the fact that consumers across Asia-Pacific countries are major consumers of technology, mobile tools, internet and online video. These data points (taken from various sources around the web) should give you some ideas for your international growth plans.

Internet usage across the Far East continues to grow at a record pace:

  • 85% of consumers older than 15 in Hong Kong used the internet in the last month
  • 67% of consumers in Singapore used the internet last month
  • These rates are nearly two or three times the rate of Malaysia, Thailand and indonesia

According to Comscore:

  • 78% of Japanese smartphone users consumed digital media like video , web browsing and applications;
  • To put that in perspective, only 58% of British, 55% of US, 43% of French and 40% of Germans use their smartphones similarly.
  • What is truly amazing about this number is that the percentage of Japanese smartphone users as a share of the overall mobile market is only 16.9%

Tablets continue to grow in popularity

  • In Hong Kong use a smartphone and 58% already have or intend to buy a tablet computer
  • Nearly 5% of all internet traffic in Japan is from a tablet
  • Nearly 6% of internet traffic in Singapore is from a tablet, number two only behind the U.S at 6.2%

While Canadians are the number one consumers of online video in the world:

  • Japanese consumers are the 6th largest consumer of online videos with 222 videos per view per month in October 2011
  • Hong Kong consumers watch 160 videos per month
  • Singapore consumers watch 153 videos monthly
  • The average in the EU is about 250; Canadians watch more than 290 videos per month on average

Social Media continues to make huge progress in Asia:

  • 1 in 4 online users across Asia used Facebook – the lowest globally, but still a rapid growth and massive number
  • Asia Pacific is still largest in total number of social network visitors globally
  • China’s RenRen has over 170 million student and white-collar users (#2 behind QZone and Weibo, which can tap into Tenent’s 700 million users)
  • Of the 40 million users of the French Social Network Viadeo, a business network similar to LinkedIn, 7 million are Chinese
  • About 1 million users of LinkedIn come from China; and since Facebook and Twitter are banned, the growth prospect is significant.
  • Singapore – with a population of 5 million – has about 1 million LInkedIn users as well.
  • LinkedIn Users are significantly more wealthy than Facebook users: 40% have a net worth of $100,000 as compared to only 31% for Facebook users.
  • Social networkers in the Philippines hold the world record for total time spent online on Facebook – nearly 42% of all internet usage, and nearly 93% of its entire population visiting Facebook at least once during the month.

Blogging is a major activity in Asian markets. Of the top 5 blogging markets by minutes per visitor,

  • Japan is number one
  • South Korea number two
  • Followed by Poland, Indonesia and Brazil