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A recent attempt to find examples of good Facebook business page interactions highlighted a big problem: There aren’t so many. Here’s why.

In our workshops and TV show, we highlight best practices and show off great marketing examples. We’ve shown the world’s greatest real estate video, we’ve shown Facebook photos that push the envelope and we’ve told many stories of companies using Twitter to their advantage. But when it comes to Facebook business pages, finding great examples is much harder than you’d imagine. There are notable exceptions – Corcoran Group, Tiffany’s, Southewest – all of which demonstrate top-notch customer engagement. But many Facebook page operators think that, unless they magically achieve large volumes of fans, they couldn’t possibly create the engagement these sites do.

Alas, they’ve put the cart before the horse.

More fans come from better engagement; not the other way around. So here are some reaonss why  Facebook Fan Pages fail to work. How many do you avoid?

  1. Ghost Town. Who’s going to interact with your company if you don’t show up daily and post something? Most low-liked pages have so few posts, they’re like digital tumbleweeds on the wall.
  2. You, you, you! Ok already! We get it. You like you. In fact, we like you too – at least enough to possibly “like” your page. But if all you post is about how wonderful, award-glittering, amazing you are, you had better be Lady Gaga. Scratch that: Even she knows it’s about the fans.
  3. Sale! Discount! Yawn. We bet you give out product brochures and coupons at cocktail parties, too? No? Then please stop doing it on your social space. We know what you sell, and we don’t need yet another pitch when we come to your Page.
  4. Talking to the wall. Yes, Facebook uses a wall metaphor, but your fans had better not feel like they’re talking to it. Would it really hurt to post a response – or just click like – when a fan comments on your posts? How about checking hourly, in case a fan needs customer service, too?
  5. Wanted or Welcomed? Especially found on sales organization pages like real estate and mortgage companies, these huge, mug-shot-like images of the newest salesperson  is just on the edge of creepy. Is it a site or the most-wanted list at the Post Office?
  6. All Work and No Play. Look, you’re probably not curing cancer or fighting tyranny on your Facebook page, so lighten up, will you? If you can’t post a cute kitten or laughing yogi video, you had better be the Internal Revenue Service page.
  7. Sale! Discount! Yes, we already mentioned that we’re sick of seeing your inventory on your Facebook page. We just thought we’d remind you. Once a month, please, is plenty.
  8. La la la la la! Yes, we know what you have to say, but are you listening to us, too? Or are your fingers in your ears while you talk over us? Take a poll. Ask a question. Start conversations, and don’t do all the talking.
  9. Clean the junk. If you’re suffering from #1 or #4, then you probably also have no idea that your page is being spammed by your favorite Nigerian bankers, ruthless competitor or sex kitten. Clean up once in a while (and ban the spammers), if you want people to risk coming back again.
  10. Timeline-less. Even though 899,999,998 people switched to Facebook Timeline you-don’t-like-it so you’re holding out until the bitter end, right? Nothing says you’re not with it – or your customers – like pining for the old days (or old layouts).

So, those are our top ten reasons why most Facebook fan pages fail to engage their fans and create momentum. Are there others? Let us know in the comments below!