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Great ideas spark great growth.

I ignite game-changing creative ideas for leading individuals and organizations world-wide. I’m a trained philosopher and keynote speaker who has spent 25 years connecting the dots between trends, innovation and growth, with healthy doses of economics, technology and art. As a photographer, I illustrate perspectives that develop new opportunities for companies and individuals to pursue growth. I believe our work must be noble, add value, and do good. I’ve worn many hats – salesperson to CEO – and travelled to 49 U.S. states, 16 countries and worked in multiple languages. I share the connections between history, science, commerce and culture that spark renaissances and change lives.

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“My philosophy is to only do excellent work. Not because of ratings or reviews or even referrals, but because one day, in an audience of thousands, I might make a difference in the life of one person.”



How do you stand out from the competition and inspire your sphere of influence to reach your personal and professional goals? Matthew Ferrara explores what happens when you connect your creativity with your career success. Learn More


What can today’s leaders learn from the masters of the Renaissance? Join Matthew Ferrara on a tour-de-force of history’s greatest leaders in science, commerce, art, and society to uncover timeless lessons for today’s leaders. Learn More


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All Shook Up about Success

How one Las Vegas Elvis impersonator is using social media to get raving fans all shook up, and grow his business.

Your Story is Caramel

How can you communicate your value proposition in a world awash with doublespeak and meaningless words today? Matthew Ferrara explores.

Leaders Take a Stand

Matthew Ferrara takes a look at the importance of making decisions and putting a stake in the ground as a leader.

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