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Something special happens when you connect your inner beliefs with your personal creativity and organizational tools to deliver truly epic results. After twenty-five years of teaching sales and marketing, Matthew Ferrara discovered that very lesson himself, and decided to change everything. Using award-winning photographs from his travels around the world, Matthew illustrates ways audiences can differentiate themselves with better storytelling, transform their sphere of influence into an endless source of opportunity, and swap the mentality of “leads” for a mindset of “relationships.” Equal parts philosophy, marketing, sales and technology, Matthew ignites excitement and energy with inspiring stories and practical techniques. Rethink the way you prospect, create value, and delight clients with some fresh perspectives from one of the world’s most productive philosophers.


A few years ago I was sitting in an Florence Piazza when a man walked into the center of the street and began talking. He was inspiring; he was funny; and he was talking about important things, directly into the hearts of passersby. Within moments, a crowd formed, and he spoke and we listened. I took over a hundred photographs of him. The crowd would have followed him anywhere. How did he do it? That experience forms the basis of Renaissance Leadership, an exploration of ways leaders change the world. Taking insights from history, Matthew explores: Renaissance Leadership a fun, engaging way to use unique personalities from history to show how today’s leadership challenges await our own renaissance leadership in our lives and companies.

Storytelling You 2.0

Bring this photo and video workshop to your company! Long after Marshall McLuhan said the medium was the message, visual marketing exploded on the internet. From YouTube to Instagram, visual marketing has become more important than ever. This technique workshop uses real-world skills for scripting, shooting and editing better photos and videos. Participants work with their own cameras and provided technology to build confidence and competence behind and in front of the camera.

“Matthew has impressed me from day one, which is why we keep asking him back. He has a rare grasp of the basics of the traditional brokerage business AND the potential for enhancement brought by interactive marketing and media. He understands that it’s about people. Matthew not only has this expertise but he’s a great teacher and presenter, mixing effective delivery of concepts with humor and examples. He’s one of the best consultants/teachers in the business today….a really special talent!”

Pam O'Connor

Leading Real Estate Companies of the World

Creative Writing Workshop

Most marketing is meaningless drivel. Few customers want to “optimize the synergies of your ecosystem to empower their groundbreaking growth” when what they really want is “a better way to reach their goals.” Turn on the radio, flip through social media or watch a corporate promo video and you know what we mean: it’s all Jabberwocky. In an era of digital marketing, words matter more than ever. That’s why Matthew created a creative writing course for sales, marketing and management professionals. Take the road less travelled and leave the quest to go viral behind. A unique combination of classic advertising advice, literary examples, modern marketing and effective multimedia techniques to revolutionize your sales, marketing and talent-attraction strategies. It’s time to author your own digital success story!


Are you playing to win, or just playing safe? It’s time to up the ante on your growth and stop trying to bluff your way to success. Using unique photographs of Las Vegas, Matthew Ferrara helps audiences develop their winning sales mindset and play a different game than the competition. Combining game theory with real world sales and marketing techniques, Matthew looks at how winners raise the ante on the competition by delivering outcomes that delight clients.

A.I., Robot

Everyone’s talking about artificial intelligence but who’s really using it – and how – to turn big data into big opportunities to drive sales, marketing and competitive growth? Matthew Ferrara cuts through the hype and demonstrates existing technologies that can help your company mine its data, capture new customers and deliver cutting edge service. Get ahead of the convergence between cloud technologies and artificial intelligence in this practical and understandable session that will put AI on your growth radar today.

There are simply not enough words to describe the force that Matthew Ferrara exemplifies in business. He is by any means, a prodigy, who can consult at the highest level across all aspects of business. Not only does Matthew become the voice of innovation and technology for realtors, but the advocate for deploying the fundamental skills and practices needed to be successful. Quick on his feet, creatively outstanding and fiercely loyal, Matthew is both visionary and role model within the industry.”

Rick Calanni


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