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If you're trying to grow your business, don't just focus on more marketing and new tech tools. It's important to grow yourself before your productivity can improve.  Read more

All over the web, there are lots of discussions about "raising the bar" for real estate professionals. Funny thing is, the bar is already moving up fast, and you wouldn't believe who's responsible for it!  Read more

What do highly successful people have in common? It’s not their logos, gadgets, systems, scripts or tweets. While all of these are helpful, reaching the pinnacle of your profession doesn’t come from outside. It springs from within.

Forget the fish-eye lens and the muzak. This video has set the bar so high for video marketing, the classic "room-by-room" virtual tour won't ever catch up. See it!  Read more

Abraham Lincoln said, Whatever you are, be a great one. It's an important lesson for salespeople who want to be called anything but. Here's why.  Read more

If I were talking to homeowners today about selling their home before the end of the year, there's one word I'd use to sum it all up: Auction. Here's why.  Read more