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Management matters. Whether it's a hotel, restaurant or professional services firm, the lack of good management is ruining so many great brands out there.  Read more

Need a little motivation to get focused and grow your business? Take three minutes and get recharged with Matthew Ferrara.  Read more

What do highly successful people have in common? It’s not their logos, gadgets, systems, scripts or tweets. While all of these are helpful, reaching the pinnacle of your profession doesn’t come from outside. It springs from within.

Why are some companies having their best year ever, while others are languishing, or worse, failing? Even in the middle of a Great Recession, you can create your own success story, if you're willing to make the tough calls. Dare you read on?  Read more

Sure today's kids like to text, and they like to tweet, and otherwise non-verbally communicate. But are you really ready for a generation of customers that has little interest in talking to each other, never mind you, on the phone?  Read more

Managers can play a vital role in developing their sales team's social media presence with these daily steps to maximizing the social conversation.  Read more

Recently, news that people are leaving Facebook and un-friending dozens of friends has caused us to remember an important question still left unanswered : Will we ever become truly Borg? It started a few weeks ago when a British anthropologist Robin Dunbar suggested you couldn’t be “good” friends with more than 150 people.  Read more

The housing market is experiencing a transformation of generational proportions. If these five headlines tell us anything, housing will never be the same. Have the lessons of the bust been absorbed by the industry, especially, those brokers still pining for things to change back?  Read more

If you haven't put video in the center of your marketing strategy yet, this video will definitely motivate you. It's a perfect example of what happens when you try new ways to capture the consumer's attention. Enjoy!  Read more

Why do some people and companies consistently make changes while others keep doing what they've always done - right to the bitter end? Here are four common change-barriers that come from inside ourselves.  Read more

Polls and surveys are nice, but perhaps the best market research is to sit and chat with your customers. We think that would make for a fantastic office meeting, too!  Read more

What happens when the "me, me, me" marketing approach comes face to face with the socially attractable consumer? Real estate agents are about to learn that modern consumers expect their brands to be about the consumer, not them.  Read more

Last week a lot of noise was generated by Zillow’s acquisition of Postlets. Is this another shot in the war for real estate listing syndication? There is an old saying that when all you have is a hammer than everything starts looking like a nail. In his case, I think Zillow’s going to surprise everyone.  Read more

The classic real estate model asks each person to do everything. Agents must master dozens of skills. Managers must know those, plus management ones. The results are polarized. Maybe it's time to fix an organizational design flaw in the industry.  Read more