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How Mortgage Resolution Trust threatens the real estate industry's very existence: Starting in Richmond, California.  Read more

DotLoop vs. CAR: If you're rooted to the past, it's a whole lot harder to catch a ride to the future.  Read more

What happens when you put Robert Shiller, Phil Angelides and a bankrupt San Bernardino government in the same room? The end of the American housing market, that's what.  Read more

For five years, we've heard agents and managers say they were "waiting for the market to come back." Well, it has, but funny, it doesn't look anything like they expected. Now what?  Read more

How much did the modern REALTOR earn last year? Did they own an iPad? How many leads did their website generate? These answers and more in our annual summary of modern real estate professionals trends.  Read more

Here's a video with six ways to improve your listing presentation using some smart techniques and technology. Hope you enjoy - and please share it with a friend.  Read more

Could eliminating the mortgage interest deduction create a stronger housing industry? Definitely, if you focus on the economics of the future, not the traditions of the past.  Read more

It's hard to imagine, but there's still a bunch of real estate agents who can't stop advertising in the diner magazines and newspapers. What's it going to take to push the housing industry hold-outs into the 21st century?  Read more

The 2010 NAR Convention in New Orleans has barely started and already great ideas are everywhere. For starters, try creating an internal company social network  Read more

Let's get real - and radical - about changing the real estate market. Rather than wringing our hands about first time buyers, bankers and credit, why don't we find the clients of the future, who have something very valuable: Cash.  Read more

Can you feel it? Maybe it's the change of seasons, the political campaigns or robo-signers who are to blame, but what the housing industry needs right now is just a little peace and quiet.  Read more

How do you go from recession to double-dip housing market depression as fast as possible? Check out H.R. 5028 - the Right to Rent Bill - currently making its way through Congress.  Read more

Here's are eight creative ways to prepare for the next generation of real estate in 2011. Get into the holiday spirit with these lessons for the last quarter of the year.  Read more

Imagine watching TV, clicking to your favorite show. Due to programming changes, REALTORS have taken over the broadcast. Popcorn, muzack and a slideshow, anyone?  Read more

It's up to local real estate professionals to keep the American Dream alive. It's a tough job, but they're the best ones to do it. Here's why.  Read more