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If you thought prospecting move-up buyers was hard, then you'll be amazed at why you should start prospecting your future first-time buyers before they're even out of high school.  Read more

We love companies that make bold moves. That's why the latest move by Semonin Realtors deserves a look by anyone in the housing industry that needs to move forward.  Read more

Here's a quick video that combines the latest real estate consumer research data with the big trends in technology, social media and marketing. Enjoy!  Read more

Once again, the Pope proves that even the oldest, most traditional organizations in the world can adapt to change - and use it to enlighten his sphere of influence. This time, he uses a tablet to light the world's largest Christmas tree.  Read more

Nothing excites us more than when a broker breaks with the common wisdom of the tribe. Edina Realty proves that leadership matters, perhaps just in the nick of time.  Read more

New technology alone cannot get customers to like your company if your process still feels like it has been around since the Eisenhower Era. An interesting blog from Harvard Business Review offers some advice for the real estate industry, too.  Read more

The classic real estate model asks each person to do everything. Agents must master dozens of skills. Managers must know those, plus management ones. The results are polarized. Maybe it's time to fix an organizational design flaw in the industry.  Read more

For years we’ve been pointing out the failures of traditional marketing methods used in the real estate industry. But what happens when the “new” marketing approaches start to fail, too? Get ready for a real innovation challenge!  Read more

Most real estate companies mistakenly think they are competing against other real estate companies. In fact, other brokers are the least of their worries. These days, you have to compete with Charlie Sheen.  Read more

If sales is still a people business, built upon referrals, then it’s vital to befriend every client you can online. That’s how you’ll get to meet their friends. And the friends of their friends. And the….  Read more

Today’s customers are too demanding to take “good enough” from trusted brands. Yet many companies release untested products and services on their customers every day – damaging more than just profits.  Read more

There’s no better competitive strategy than eliminating “industry practices” that annoy consumers. Of course, you’ll have to be brave: The biggest complainers will likely be your competitors.  Read more

There’s no doubt that homeownership remains the American Dream. But what will REALTORS do if Gen Y decides to defer that dream for, say, a decade?  Read more

Which came first: The Twitter or the tweet? Smart businesses need to know.  Read more

Social media is a great way to share a few quick thoughts, but what if you want to express a complete idea with your sphere of influence? Bring in the blogs!  Read more