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Even a LEGO Super Star Destroyer demands video .

Just how powerful is video marketing on the web? We’ve been talking about it for years, now. We’ve shown you the naked man. We’ve mentioned more home-grown examples. Every day we’re seeing creative ideas like this and this from Jere Metcalf. who kindly says we inspired her at one of our seminars. The Old Spice Guy has over 44 million views on YouTube. Zappos has a video for nearly every pair of  shoes on their site. Mercedes-Benz, well, you just have to see it.

So, what’s left? Just how far do we have to go to get you to put aside your Facebook app for just a few minutes and go out and shoot some great video marketing?

How about: LEGOs.

Not just any LEGOs, mind you. We’re talking Darth Vader’s Super Star Destroyer, one of the “hard to find” LEGOs sets, that costs $399! That’s gotta be one heck of a toy, in need of some powerful marketing to get even the most die-hard LEGO collector to hand over four hundred dollars. Which, of course, is exactly what they did by using video.

In addition to the usual zoomable photos and 360-degree tour, Darth Vader’s Super Star Destroyer deserves some forceful messaging, so you’ll find this little gem embedded on Lego’s web page:

Now, we’ll admit that this particular video is a bit, well, esoteric. Not quite as exciting as we might want. It’s missing the pomp and circumstance you’d expect from anything related to Darth Vader’s appearance. There were plenty of better ones to choose from (see our selection below), but it’s still fascinating to us that toy sellers have started incorporating videos into their websites. We expect it from expensive computers and luxury cars. We thought it novel with shoes.

But now that it’s come to toys, it raises the bar for everybody.

The good news is that incorporating video is more affordable and available than ever. Home grown video (for passionate marketers) can work well; professional videographers can take you even that much further. Billions of videos are watched online daily; and 30% of mobile data is watching video. Social media users find video the second-most compelling content item (after photos) and twice as interesting as hyperlinks to your blog.

So not having video, or limping along with “slide-show” video won’t suffice any longer. Whether your product is $400, or $400,000, it deserves a video. Take a lesson from LEGOs: assemble the pieces and start snapping video into a marketing plan that can take you to the stars!

And here’s the video we would have preferred they used, which was shot by a customer (Woobie 101) who bought the toy and spent 10 hours putting it together – filming it at the same time: