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One of the most important principles in sales is: You get paid what you believe you are worth.

Ask any great salesperson how they generate top dollars. After they rattle off the systems, tools, marketing – most of which other salespeople have too – it always comes down to one key belief: They believe they are worth it. They believe they deserve to be successful.

So, do you believe you deserve to be successful, too? 

Don’t just nod your head; think about it. Our belief systems determine how we interact with the world. More importantly, they determine what rewards we expect from it, too. In my experience, the single most important change people make to reach their goals isn’t a new skill or tool.

It’s a change in their minds.

Markets matter very little, actually. Plenty of people succeed in bad markets, as easily as good ones. If you relegate success to a matter of only-good markets, you leave yourself at the mercy of arrows on charts. If, on the other hand, you believe you deserve success every day, you’ll configure your actions to find the opportunities to achieve it.

Charts be damned!

Now what does this belief look like in practice? Consider two examples: First, every salesperson must make a jey decision every day: choosing their customers. Too many salespeople have been led to believe they must take the bad customers as well as good ones. You know the drill: an unreasonable customer, who rejects your attempts to educate them or assist them, but then wants to hold you accountable for unachievable goals. Your beliefs – especially that you deserve better clients – can keep you from accepting such customers at the outset.

Customers don’t happen by chance, but by choice.

The other decision is who we work with. Whether you’re part of the team, or the leader or the owner, you must decide if you deserve to work with the best people you can find. You must believe that your hard work, risk-taking and dedication should be equally as rewarded as any other goals.

It’s your choice.

It doesn’t matter if you sell homes, computers, perfumes or diamonds: There are customers who will help you reach your goals; and some who won’t. There are members of your team who will help you build your dreams; others will only erode it. It’s clear which is which, yet we often go all fuzzy when it comes time to decide. That’s where your beliefs come in.

Do you deserve to work with great people? Only you know the answer to that.

Don’t confuse yourself. It’s not a hard question. Your commitment to your dreams and goals will wipe aside irrational fears. It’s either yes or no. Just as will achieve your goals, or you won’t.

Only when we come to believe we deserve success, to work with good customers, on good projects that don’t sacrifice either our client or our needs, will our relationship to success change. The same holds true for leaders of companies, who often don’t believe they deserve to work with better salespeople, staff or managers. They find themselves surrounded by low-performing people, but unable to make needed changes. Not because they don’t know how.

But because they don’t believe they can do better.

Think about it.