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About Matthew Ferrara


I, Philosopher

My name is Matthew Ferrara.

Twenty five years ago, I started out in sales. Some of my first clients were real estate friends, who I helped grow their business using marketing, technology and business planning. As I built up a little consulting firm, I made some great friends – who became amazing mentors to me: David, Roger, Diana, Cindy, Karen, and so many others. They taught me about business, gave me opportunities to get involved in a wide variety of projects, and supported me when we took countless risks along the way. I’ve had a lot of fun doing a great many things: keynoting conferences, running a global help desk, deploying a nationwide sales platform, and building a video learning network, just to name a few. I’ve worked with global real estate companies, international finance and auction organizations, cosmetics firms, mortgage bankers, other speakers, and creative writing organizations. These days, I travel the world, sharing ideas and stories forty or fifty engagements each year, hoping to inspire others to reach their goals, too.

I actually have degrees in Philosophy and Political Science. It’s the perfect combination, I think, because Ideas matter and people matter more. Throw in five years of talk radio, a passion for writing and reading, and formal training in teaching, and I think I have the perfect career.

In my work, I don’t just explore sales techniques, marketing concepts or new technologies. I study how real people live, play, dream and grow – starting with my own journey. There’s a lot more to building a great life than just working hard or using a new gadget. You must learn how to see opportunities, how to be a leader, and how to overcome adversity. I’ve had a chance to do all of those things, evolving multiple companies, building a team of fifty people, and beating cancer twice. I’ve almost quit multiple times, and each time found the energy to reinvent myself and my mission. As a philosopher, that’s one of the most important ideas I can share with my audience, inspiring them to their own reinvention, too.

In some ways, I feel like my story is really just starting. In the past few years, I’ve found an amazing new source of growth, by integrating my personal passion for photography into my speaking, writing and storytelling. Every stop along the quarter-million miles I travel each year becomes another chance for me to capture special moments with great people and amazing places. In a way, my speaking career has become almost a traveling exhibition for my photos; and a few of my images have been known to capture an award or two.

Last year I moved from Boston to Las Vegas.  A lot of people have asked me “why”, to which I can only answer: Why not?

I hope I get a chance to learn about your story sometime, too.

Feel free to contact me here, or in one of the social networks you find linked at the top of the page.

Be well.

Always do good.

- Matthew