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About Matthew Ferrara


Matthew Ferrara, Philosopher

Matthew Ferrara has had a very interesting career. Graduating with degrees in Philosophy and Political Economics, Matthew Ferrara opened his first business in 1991 helping salespeople use technology to increase their sales. He has spent twenty years working with sales and marketing industries, with a special focus on real estate and finance, trainers and management teams.

Today Matthew helps his clients prepare for the challenges of the next generation of consumers, markets and technologies by unlocking their creativity, passion and intellect.

Matthew has been called a renaissance man. He grew up analog, but lives digital. He travels the world delivering 60-70 keynote speeches annually, focusing on leadership, personal growth, sales and new technology. He has written a blog since 2008, appears on radio shows and delivers live internet television programs every month. Flying more than 150,000 miles a year, Matthew takes time on his journeys to photograph the people and places he visits, sharing his pictures in two books, his workshops and portfolio. He has won awards for his images in the United States and Italy.

Most of all, Matthew is a philosopher who is focused on unleashing individual potential. He understands life’s challenges, as a two-time cancer survivor, yet remains focused on opportunities. He continues to travel the world, making new friends and offering ideas that help them reach their goals – and change the world.

Matthew lives in Las Vegas.