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All over the web, there are lots of discussions about "raising the bar" for real estate professionals. Funny thing is, the bar is already moving up fast, and you wouldn't believe who's responsible for it!  Read more

What do highly successful people have in common? It’s not their logos, gadgets, systems, scripts or tweets. While all of these are helpful, reaching the pinnacle of your profession doesn’t come from outside. It springs from within.

Is there no limit to what federal and state governments will do to hurt the housing industry? After today's foreclosure settlement with banks, real estate professionals ought to be very, very worried.  Read more

It's not enough to think about the experience you're creating for customers online. It's equally important to manage the online world's impact on you. As much as you produce and contribute, you should likewise filter and prune what passes before your eyes.  Read more

Building a career in sales requires as much sowing as harvesting. Yet too many sales techniques focus only on finding the "ripe and ready" deals today, with little planning for the future. Do you want a quick deal, or do you want a career?  Read more

Today Ayn Rand would have been 107 years old. While she's no longer with us, her sense of life is perhaps more popular today than ever. What would the author of the Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged have to say our ability to reach out goals? Here's one simple idea.  Read more