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Bloomberg Surveillance interviewed Jonathan Miller of Miller Samuel, Inc., last week. Too bad it was the Friday before Christmas, because Mr. Miller's message should have been heard by everyone interested in the housing market.  Read more

A New Year’s resolution is something that goes in one Year and out the other. Here are three ways to keep them around all year long.  Read more

During peak shopping seasons, many people roll out the trite claim that online vendors are hurting local vendors. Truth is, most Main Street vendors are doing a fine job of killing their business, all by themselves.  Read more

Continuing our recent theme on the power of video to engage consumers, Comscore noted this week that more than 200 billion online videos were watched around the world in October. The only question is, were any created by you?  Read more

Forget the fish-eye lens and the muzak. This video has set the bar so high for video marketing, the classic "room-by-room" virtual tour won't ever catch up. See it!  Read more

Maybe the National Association of REALTORS should have spent less time driving a bus around the country, and more time counting home sales?  Read more

Here's a quick video that combines the latest real estate consumer research data with the big trends in technology, social media and marketing. Enjoy!  Read more

Once again, the Pope proves that even the oldest, most traditional organizations in the world can adapt to change - and use it to enlighten his sphere of influence. This time, he uses a tablet to light the world's largest Christmas tree.  Read more

Is Facebook a better advertising or prospecting platform? Find out in this sneak peek at Matthew Ferrara's latest Facebook 101 DVD.  Read more

Recently, the original text from the the "Twelve Days of Christmas" was found in a an old filing cabinet dating back to 19th century. It seems an early entrepreneur wanted others to learn his twelve best ideas, too.  Read more

We've long argued that search placement is losing ground to social networking for brand marketers. Still, it's only fitting we point out this cool graph from Nielsen about who consumers trust more: Trust us - it's worth the read.  Read more