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Abraham Lincoln said, Whatever you are, be a great one. It's an important lesson for salespeople who want to be called anything but. Here's why.  Read more

Nothing excites us more than when a broker breaks with the common wisdom of the tribe. Edina Realty proves that leadership matters, perhaps just in the nick of time.  Read more

Of all the ways you can respond to a customer's negative comments online, calling their voice mail and freaking out on them probably isn't the best one. Unless, of course, the customer was completely right. Here's what you might do instead.  Read more

How much did the modern REALTOR earn last year? Did they own an iPad? How many leads did their website generate? These answers and more in our annual summary of modern real estate professionals trends.  Read more

One of the most common challenges businesses face is when someone says, "Hey, So-and-So down the street is doing this thing! Let's do it, too!" It's easy to copycat; it's harder to mind your own business. You decide.  Read more

Every week, salespeople ask whether they should have a "professional" Facebook page instead of a "personal" one. To which I can now reply: Can your professional page turn a silly elephant picture into thousands of dollars?  Read more

If I hear one more person tell me that they have an "older" client who doesn't use a computer, doesn't text, doesn't like Facebook and doesn't watch online video, I'm going to scream.  Read more

It's important to do what you love, but does it matter that you love what you're doing? Until you understand the difference, you might be sabotaging your own success. Here's why.  Read more

It's November 2: Do you know where your business plan is? While others are winding down for the holidays, you can gain significant market advantage if you're ramping up for 2012 - today! Here are four ways to do it.  Read more