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Peter Drucker used to say, "Don't solve problems. Pursue opportunities." It was great advice then; and even better advice today. Here's why.  Read more

Every time Facebook changes its interface, lots of its users complain about it. The same happens when Microsoft upgrades Office. Is there a lesson about implementing change we can learn from this?  Read more

Protected: The Path Least Taken in Modern Marketing – London 2011

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It's hard to imagine, but there's still a bunch of real estate agents who can't stop advertising in the diner magazines and newspapers. What's it going to take to push the housing industry hold-outs into the 21st century?  Read more

Tax credits didn't do it. Historic home affordability and low mortgage rates aren't working. If you want to survive this market, learn to laugh like a Klingon.  Read more

Last month, my neighbor’s house sold three times. Once at 4pm on a Tuesday, again at 10 on Wednesday; and finally at noon last Friday. Too bad their listing agent didn’t know it.  Read more

If I were talking to homeowners today about selling their home before the end of the year, there's one word I'd use to sum it all up: Auction. Here's why.  Read more

The U.S. government proposes to sue the nation's largest banks for fraud that led to the housing crisis. Why stop with the banks? Others in the housing industry were surely involved. Better yet, why doesn't FHFA just sue itself?  Read more

Real estate agents have 35 days to get their sellers to price their homes right. After that, buyers are going to become even more scarce.  Read more